Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher’s feud has finally ended

Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher reportedly have finally ended their vicious feud. They already have plans for a future venture, although it may not be what you’d expect.

Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have ended their feud

Oasis fans will be rejoicing at the news that brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher finally have ended their vicious feud.

The brothers have been at each other’s throats since they had a massive fight backstage at one of their Paris shows in 2009. Since then, the two have been unable to see eye to eye, which led to the breakup of their hugely successful band Oasis.

Previously, there was speculation that the siblings may reconnect because their mother Peggy had had enough of their petty fights and recently ordered them both to attend a family wedding in Ireland.

A source revealed to the Daily Star newspaper in December, “Noel and Liam refused to go at first. They still don’t want to see each other. But Peggy has insisted that they are both there.”

“A few family members are expecting it to be very awkward. But Peggy has told them there is to be absolutely no drama or fighting on the day. She thinks they will surprise everyone though by sorting their issues out once and for all.”

Now there’s good news because the estranged brothers now appear to have reconnected at the wedding and are even rumored to already be planning a new venture together: opening a super cool bar.

A source revealed to the Daily Star newspaper just how the brothers came up with the idea.

“Liam initially came up with the idea after a recent trip to Manchester with his mum Peggy,” the source said. “Then between them they thought Noel should also be brought on board. The brothers are thinking about an indie rock-themed place which serves artisan food.”

It is rumored that the bar could be named Champagne Supernova after their former group’s anthem.

The source added, “The brothers are consulting their famous friends such as Russell Brand and Holly Willoughby for advice on the venue. They reckon a hot new bar could bring them together again.”

Many fans will be upset that the pair are not going to reform their band, but the news that the brothers are even allegedly on speaking terms once again is rather exciting.

However, former Oasis rhythm guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs believes a reunion is definitely in the cards and that one brother in particular would be thrilled with it.

Arthurs told NME, “If someone said, ‘Here’s a field, here’s a stage and here’s 200,000 people,’ I’m sure Liam would jump up and do it, and I don’t think it would even take anyone offering him a massive bankroll of money. He’d do it because that’s what he loves, that’s his passion.”

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