Music review: Lucy Hale goes country for "You Sound Good to Me"

Jan 8, 2014 at 10:45 a.m. ET

Lucy Hale shows she never strays too far from her roots with a fresh new music video for a country song that has us all eagerly anticipating a warm summer day.

Lucy Hale

With Pretty Little Liars back on Tuesday nights, you'd figure that would be the highlight of the week, didn't you?

Well, Lucy Hale knew better. The sweet, doll-eyed actress debuted her stunning new music video for her single "You Sound Good to Me" for fans on Tuesday.

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And for a lack of creativity, and for the sake of brutal honesty, it actually does sound good.

The song was written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey, but the song was written for Lucy. In other words, this song suited Hale's hopeful voice with country splendor. It fit as nearly as well as Aria Montgomery did in Ezra Fitz's hand.

With Shania Twain and Faith Hill as influences, it makes complete sense that Hale made her big step into music to go through the doors of country.

Oh, and if you were as surprised as I was to hear music from Hale, you're late to the party. She's been making music for a while and even signed to Hollywood Records in 2012.

This songstress that calls Tennessee home told MTV News to expect a "Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood-ish hybrid" when it came to her musical style. She told Twitter followers in a live chat that she listens to country music mostly now. That's surprising because we're used to an edgy Miss Montgomery.

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What did we learn? Don't judge book by its cover, or rather, don't judge an actress by her character!

What can you expect from the song? A spirit as carefree as the 24-year-old youthful beauty herself. The song, which was officially released on Tuesday, Jan. 7, bolted into second place on the country iTunes charts. What can you expect from the video? Spontaneity, cowgirl hats and a hunk to cuddle up next to. Incentives, right?

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Keep an eye out for her debut album this spring, folks. But in the meantime, enjoy the video and leave a comment below on what your thoughts are. Is country a good fit for her or is she trying too hard?

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