Pretty Little Liars returns: 6 Shockers and other juicy stuff

Jan 7, 2014 at 8:58 p.m. ET

We're still reeling from the revelation that Alison is indeed alive and kicking, so we've been counting down the hours until tonight's Season 4B winter premiere. Here are a few things you should know about the new season before the drama really begins.

The cast of Pretty Little Liars


"Ezria" isn't over just yet.

C'mon... please tell me you were right there with us screeching in horror when Ezra was apparently outed as A (as you can see, I'm still hoping for a miracle). As such, we can't decide if we're happy or sad that Aria is unaware at the moment of her teacher-turned-lover's sinister ways. Tonight, according to E! Online, we'll "officially see three steamy lip-locks, but there's also a very rustled-bed in the episode, so who knows how many smooches those two will actually share."

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Spencer's heading for another breakdown.

Poor Spence just can't seem to catch a break! In the first half of Season 4, she survived a betrayal by Toby and a subsequent stint in the insane asylum — and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like she's out of the woods yet. "Each one of the girls are starting to break down," Keegan Allen, who plays Toby, told Entertainment Weekly. "After all this time, they should've broken down the first week. They're all trying to get a grip on it and they're falling apart, each one of them separately. Spencer more than others. She kind of loses it, but in a way you never saw coming."


But at least she'll be in good company.

With Alison back from the dead, one thing's for certain — all of the Liars, Alison included, will be looking over their shoulders for A. And, according to Alison actress Sasha Pieterse, their fear isn't unfounded... especially Aria and Spencer. "Aria doesn't know anything about Ezra, but [Spencer] senses it already," Pieterse shared with TV Guide. "But here's the thing about Ezra — even if he isn't A, there's something really fishy going on. So no matter what, Ezra and Aria's relationship will suffer."

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Hanna and Caleb are OK... for now.

Fans of Caleb and Hanna, rejoice! Although Ashley Benson — who plays Hanna — revealed in a Facebook interview that they "kind of do a mutual breakup and goodbye," the two aren't totally kaput yet. Caleb will be popping back into town to see Hanna in Season 4B, and she may just be making a few road trips of her own. "I don't think you've seen the last of Hanna in Ravenswood," Tyler Blackburn (aka Caleb) told Parade. "She's prone to getting herself in trouble, so it won't be smooth sailing for her, either. Much to Caleb's dismay, she finds herself in danger, as usual. Fans of Hanna and Caleb will be really excited to see us together again."


Ezra gets even creepier.

Tonight's premiere will unveil more than one major shocker, with at least one revolving around Ezra. According to E! Online, he divulges to Aria that "he has a new lair in the woods." The cabin apparently has everything a villain like A could possibly need... "It's secluded, there's no internet or cell service and it's creepy as hell," not to mention it boasts a "scary secret basement." Uh-oh! We're hoping Aria finds out her boyfriend's nefarious bottom line sooner rather than later.

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Key players are coming back.

Hey, it's PLL so anything can happen — and usually does — right? In the premiere tonight, the Liars reference both Jason and Noel, leaving us to wonder if we might be seeing the boys in this half of the season. "Jason is going to come back and we're going to see Noel Kahn," Executive Producer Joe Dougherty told TV Fanatic. "They're going to come in and move things forward because stuff has been going on for both characters while they've been off-screen."

And that's not all — Dougherty promised a lot will be revealed in 4B. "We've always thought the entire fourth season was going to be the season of answers and we've got that started in the first [half], and I think that really continues here and that's why I think 4B makes as many promises and delivers as much as it does. We're really changing the game."


What are you looking forward to most about Season 4B? Are you holding out hope for Ezra? Let us know with a comment.

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