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Honey Boo Boo & family taken out by reckless teen driver

Honey Boo Boo picked up a boo-boo herself on Monday when her family was involved in a frightening car accident. Mama June has opened up about the wreck, and how everyone is doing now.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Alana Thompson is recovering from a frightening accident along with four of her reality-television famous family members.

On Monday, Jan.6, the sassy-mouthed 8 year old was riding in the family’s 2012 Suburban with Mama June, Pumpkin, Jessica and Sugar Bear when they were involved in a car wreck.

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“It happened so quick,” family matriarch Mama June explained to People. “Before I could say watch out — boom — he had already hit us.”

Allegedly, a 19-year-old driver caused the wreck while speeding and driving without his lights on.

“Pumpkin went into a full panic attack and has severe bruising on her chest from the seat belt,” Mama June began, listing the family’s injuries.

Sugar Bear, who was driving at the time of the accident, has a back sprain while Mama June suffered whiplash along with a back and neck sprain.

The girl known to the world as TLC star Honey Boo Boo didn’t escape unscathed either, unfortunately. According to her mother, “Alana hit her head on the glass” of the passenger window and has been suffering from a headache since.

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“This is the first wreck that we have ever had, but everybody is doing OK,” Mama June added, noting life for the busy family carries on despite the scare. “Today is Pumpkin’s 14th birthday, so we are still going to celebrate.”

Adding a little insult to the host of injuries, Mama June told TMZ, “We’ve only had that Suburban for six months and it’s not even paid off yet.”

The “sketti”-loving family hasn’t yet posted any update to fans on their social media accounts, but well-wishes are pouring in from around the world all the same.

Join us in wishing Alana Thompson and all of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stars a quick recovery by leaving a comment below!

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