Ravenswood review: Dreams show the way

Remy tries lucid dreaming to find out more about what happened when the pact originated and learns more than she imagined.

Ravenswood Revival Revival

One of the things that really works with Ravenswood is that the beginning of every episode changes. Instead of a “previously on,” Caleb’s narration of events as they unfolded makes re-watching them seem much more personal. It’s not a traditional voice over or a diary, but just enough to draw viewers into the world of Ravenswood.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • Original Caleb and Miranda are witnesses to the signing of the pact just after it’s announced the U.S. has entered into World War I.
  • Just after finding out the preacher who created the pact was Gabriel Abaddon, they discover a cameo locket with a photo of a baby and a clip of hair inside.
  • Remy’s mother encourages her to sleep with her mind open so that she controls her dreams and Remy sees the reverend who wrote the pact wasn’t human.
  • Caleb tells Miranda he broke up with Hanna when he was in Rosewood for three days.
  • Olivia confronts Mrs. Grunwald about keeping Miranda’s spirit, and Mrs. Grunwald tells her she thinks she knows the answers, but she doesn’t even know what questions to ask.
  • Miranda asks Olivia about sex, and shares that she died a virgin. That discussion causes Olivia to share herself with Dillon, which may be a horrible mistake since nobody knows his ultimate motives.

It’s also been enjoyable getting to know the actors on Ravenswood. For example, Brett Dier is incredibly expressive. He has an impressive ability to show emotion, as witnessed when Luke and Olivia discovered Collins in their home. Without words, his disappointment and anger were visible as he barely held back tears. Again when he was worrying over Remy sleepwalking, with those peepers his affection was pouring into her soul.

We learned that Caleb broke things off with Hanna while he was visiting Rosewood. When Caleb breaks the news to Miranda, she’s worried about her reputation. It’s sweet that she’s still concerned about how the living perceive her, but it makes sense when she’s still hanging out with them and making friends with people she scarcely knew when she was alive.

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It’s apparent now that Caleb won’t let his two lives intertwine. In breaking things off with Hanna, he can protect her from following him into trouble and keep his promise to Miranda to ensure her safety. He’s already let her down in the most troubling way (she’s dead!), and he’s banking on Hanna taking care of herself.

Caleb chose to help the girl he thinks needs him most by protecting the one he loves. It is possible to love more than one and the longer Caleb remains at Miranda’s side, the more likely it will be he’ll fall in love with her. Some of my favorite romantic novels are about humans who fall in love with ghosts, and the ghosts always come back in the end in some way or another. I suspect Miranda will find her way back to Caleb.

Hanna, however, is unlikely to take the break-up at Caleb’s word. As we know from Pretty Little Liars, she loves to snoop, and knowing Caleb as she does, she’s going to wonder why the sudden change of heart. Caleb won’t realize it until there’s a knock at his door. Not only is it Hanna’s nature, Ashley Benson already tweeted that she filmed scenes for Ravenswood that we have yet to see — a clue!

The reverend who created the pact claimed a shield for the lives of the righteous, but dude did not have the best interests of the people of Ravenswood in mind. The Scooby gang wasn’t able to gather a lot of information from Esther’s journal before speaking his name, Gabriel Abaddon, made it burst into flames. Miranda’s mother was on the opposite side of the pact than Thomas Rivers, which might be why the original Miranda and Caleb didn’t have a long-lasting love.

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It’s not surprising that Mrs. Grunwald has her own spirit hanging about, but color me surprised that she’s in love with it. Am I the only one who wants to take a run through the Ravenswood cemetery to see who else is buried there? That place must be overflowing with spirits. The reverend could be there, the baby in the locket, Thomas Rivers and Esther — I would want something tangible to hang onto, a place to visit to help me find answers.

Since Dillon and the creepy little girl are worried about pleasing someone or going to the grinder (WTH?), and Remy saw the reverend turn from human into a crow, does it stand to reason that he’s the one who is still ruling the supernatural side of Ravenswood?

It would make sense for Collins and Mrs. Grunwald to want to keep spirits from getting loose, because Abaddon probably created the pact as a way to ensure the spirits of the young that he got in return for keeping the soldiers safe were delivered right into his hands. The Collins family did take the signed pact, so they should feel some sense of responsibility for getting everyone into the mess. It’s a heavy burden to bear on behalf of your ancestors, and I still think that while Collins is a bit weird, he’s not evil.

Things are heating up nicely on Ravenswood and this move toward lucid dreaming brings all sorts of possibilities along with it. Who knows who Remy might run into or bring back through from her travels into the darkness? Are you excited to find out?

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