Courteney Cox, David Arquette and their modern-day family

Courteney Cox and David Arquette broke up more than three years ago, and both have moved on. But they’re raising their daughter together and looking forward to the birth of Arquette’s new baby.

Courteney Cox

It’s been nine years since Courteney Cox and David Arquette welcomed their daughter Coco into the world, and now she’s looking forward to being a big sister. Cox and Arquette have since divorced, but Arquette announced late last year his girlfriend Christina McLarty is pregnant.

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But Cox and Arquette still maintain a relationship, and the actress told Ellen DeGeneres Coco has been talking about soon having a new baby in her life.

“At first she was nervous because it’s a big deal,” Cox told DeGeneres (via People). “At first, I was nervous! I was like, ‘Woo, heavy.’ Now it’s great.”

Many divorced couples stay in touch because of the children, but for Cox and Arquette it seems to go a step further. Since splitting up in 2010, the actors have remained in each other’s lives. Cox said “we actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship. All of us, like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco — it’s great.”

Their arrangement seems to be the new modern family. Actress Maria Bello announced last year that she was not only dating a woman, but that her daughter and ex-husband all hang out as a family of four.

Cox explained that Coco is very excited to see her dad’s new family grow, but is still hanging on to her mom being her best friend.

“It’s almost like she’s a little bit of a tick — she is on me! She doesn’t want [any] changes in my life,” Cox joked. “So I went on this mother-daughter day with her and I took her to the spa.”

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The mother and daughter finished their spa day by enjoying a “romantic” dinner, and Cox is enjoying learning about her daughter and watching her grow up.

“We sat there, we held hands, we talked,” she remembered. “The next morning we woke up and she’s like, ‘Mom, did that really count as mother-daughter day?'”

You can see Cox now as the star of Cougar Town.

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