Charlie Sheen has harsh words for Ashton Kutcher

Jan 7, 2014 at 12:45 p.m. ET

Charlie Sheen is becoming just as famous for his Twitter rants as he is for his acting. His latest rant victim is his replacement on Two and a Half Men Ashton Kutcher .

Charlie Sheen bashes Ashton Kutcher on Twitter

If you think Charlie Sheen has moved on from his Two and a Half Men days, then you are mistaken.

It has been nearly three years since the star was fired from his famous role as Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom, but he has yet to forgive and forget.

Sheen is no stranger to Twitter rants and has used the social media website as a platform to attack anyone he feels has wronged him. His latest victim happens to be his replacement on the hit comedy show Ashton Kutcher.

The New York Daily News reported that the Twitter rant took place on Sunday when the Anger Management star decided to send love to his former co-star on the show Jon Cryer.

Sheen tweeted a picture of Cryer and Kutcher from a CBS promo picture and the message was filled with praise and admiration for Cryer — but it was evident Sheen thought far less of Kutcher and his performance.

Sheen wrote, "hey Jon!!! u r a GENIUS!!!I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who's your lame side-kik?c #NiceTryCanonBoy #CH (sic)"


This is not the first time Sheen has bashed Kutcher for his performance on Two and a Half Men. A few years before this incident, the actor had called in to TMZ Live to complain about his former show.

Sheen said, "I'm tired of lying, I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck. I'm tired of pretending Ashton [Kutcher] doesn't suck."

"I'm tired of pretending that they're not completely adrift. Because when you take away the anchor of your show, which they stupidly did, you go adrift. And these guys are approaching salvage vessel."

Sheen clearly gets a kick out of getting reactions from people. He took to Twitter again on Monday to clear the air about his joke that he had married his porn star girlfriend and offer Cryer a backhanded compliment.

Sheen wrote, "hey relax everyone!read the hash tag! oh and Jon I'm so sorry I insulted your sidekik I meant REALLY lame c #HyLmN (sic)!"


He followed up with another tweet, saying, "hey Ashton sorry bro all good. now quit barfing on my old brilliant show. Remember Punk'd? how duz it feel? c harp (sic)"


No doubt Sheen is upset about being let go from one of the most popular TV shows and losing his title as television's then-highest-paid actor, but is it really necessary to bash your successor? Then again, is anything Sheen does really necessary?

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