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Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz are make-out buddies but not dating

Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz are not dating, but they are friends and do make out on occasion.

Miley Cyrus Kellan Lutz

Many fans became excited when they thought Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz were dating, but, it turns out the two are just friends who occasionally make out with one another.

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After being seen together and making out at a club in Miami and then at the opening of Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas, Lutz cleared the rumors and told Ryan Seacrest they are not dating. The Twilight hunk was sure to squash the relationship speculation saying that it was “hilarious.”

“It just makes me laugh,” Lutz said while on Seacrest’s KISS FM radio show on Monday. “I’ve been friends with Miley for like six years. She’s a great girl… We are friends and run in the same circle.”

Lutz added that he loves to hang out with the former Hannah Montana star and said he finds her to be a “cool, secure woman.”

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However, it appears they are such good friends, they even like to share spit every so often. According to E! News, several sources claimed they saw the pair making out and they “didn’t seem to care who was watching,” and that “it wasn’t a secret that they were together.”

But, making out with random friends does seem like a regular practice for Cyrus, as just over a week ago the controversial singer was seen tongue-kissing her pal Cara Delevingne. Of course, Cyrus also likes making out with sledgehammers and wrecking balls, so who knows whom, or what, her tongue will attack next.

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Meanwhile, both Cyrus and Lutz are enjoying their single life as neither is looking for a serious relationship. They are good pals and enjoy each other’s company and that’s where it stops. For now.

“[Cyrus and Lutz] are both spontaneous, fun people, so their personalities match,” one of the E! News sources added. “They are having fun together. They have very similar outlooks. I am not sure if it has a future, but they have great chemistry so for the time being they are just having fun.”

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