VIDEO: Jack Ryan‘s Keira Knightley saves the world, one dinner date at a time

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Keira Knightley is that lucky lady.

Keira Knightley

This month, Paramount revives their long-running Jack Ryan franchise with Shadow Recruit. It features Chris Pine as the title character who’s at the beginning his spy career. But the young agent isn’t alone. Pine is joined by Oscar-nominee Keira Knightley as Cathy, Jack’s love interest.

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Shadow Recruit is filled with action and formidable men, but Knightley is no weeping willow. She can hold her own. In the following featurette, the actress and her co-stars discuss how integral Cathy is to the plot. According to Pine, they wanted to make sure she “wasn’t just a passive character.” They wanted “a smart, strong woman.”

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Kenneth Branagh does double duty as the film’s director and co-star. Branagh plays the main villain Viktor Cherevin, who attempts to use Cathy to get to Jack. Knightley says she’s put in a very compromising position. Either go to dinner with a killer or watch the world end. Poor Cathy has the fate of billions in her hands.

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Most women would be freaking out if they were in her shoes. But Cathy handles it with dignity and class. It’s no wonder she has Jack and Viktor fighting over her. She’s quite the catch.

Meet Cathy in this clip from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit:

Will you be watching Knightley and Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit?

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