Kelsey recaps Sweet Home Alabama: It's the second-to-last episode!

Jan 6, 2014 at 5:40 p.m. ET

This week, Sweet Home Alabama's bachelorette dishes on her fairy-tale date with Collin (and what he didn't say!) and bringing the guys home.

Kelsey from Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama
On fairy-tale dates & feeding animals

This week, Sweet Home Alabama's bachelorette dishes on her fairy-tale date with Collin (and what he didn't say!) and bringing the guys home.

I can't believe this episode is the last before the finale!

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Sweet Home Alabama Episode 8

For this week's group date, I wanted to take the remaining guys to the zoo with me because I love animals. We had so much fun. Collin likes to pull surprises on me sometimes, and the baby kangaroo was one of them. It was adorable, and I wanted to take it home. I couldn't feed the lions with Jake, but they were still neat to see up close. What you didn't see was me feeding a rhino with Nate, feeding otters with Todd and feeding birds with Dylan.

After the group fed giraffes, I asked Collin to go on a date with me. I was so excited about going on the night train with Collin. What a fairy-tale-like setting. Watching the episode and hearing Collin tell the viewers that he's in love with me and can see me as his future wife is crazy to hear. He didn't tell me that on our date! The connection between us is incredible and the night-train date definitely solidified those feelings.

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My next date was with Jake. Every time I'm with Jake I'm reminded of just how similar our views are and how great a guy he is. To be on his family's land meant so much to me. He went into such detail about what he wanted his future house to look like. He's on a great path and when I hear him talk about his future, how he wants to have a lot of kids, etc., it makes him that much more attractive to me. When he gave me the mirror he got from a little girl in Afghanistan, it seriously brought tears to my eyes. For him to even consider giving that away was so thoughtful and I was both touched and honored. Jake is the most humble man I have ever met.

The first eliminations of this episode were incredibly hard to go through and watch later. I knew Justin just wasn't the guy for me. He is incredibly sweet and will be an amazing husband one day. Having to send Jake home was the worst for me so far. I knew deep down that he had to go because the life that he wants isn't necessarily what I want for my life.

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Bringing the final four guys home to meet my family is so important to me. My family's opinion of them definitely matters.

Watching Collin cut all ties back home was definitely intense to see. Nate was totally justified in asking Collin why he waited this long to bring anything up about the girl back home.

I'm so glad to get down to the final two. Although it was a tough decision, I know that I'm that much closer to finding "the one." When Collin came out to the truck I waited for him to say what I knew he needed to say. I already knew about the connection he had back home and I was hoping he would be honest with me rather than me having to ask him about it. I can't deny the chemistry between us and I want him to be around for the final two.

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Todd and I started out really strong. From the very beginning I thought he was going to be the one I ended up choosing, but throughout the season he seemed to fade away and our connection didn't grow. As for Dylan, a lot has happened between us, but ultimately I had to send him home because I don't think we have a strong enough relationship and there was too much drama. Nate is my other choice for the final two because he encompasses everything I'm looking for in a man.

I am so excited for next week and for everyone to see who I choose. I never thought it would actually come down to city versus country. I'm incredibly happy and ready for the world to see my selection!

Xoxo Kelsey

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