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Hercules‘ Kellan Lutz: I am definitely not the hottest guy ever

This week, Kellan Lutz headlines The Legend of Hercules. The film required him to get in godlike shape, and he’s telling SheKnows all about his diet and workout plan.

Kellan Lutz is trading in vampire lore for Greek/Roman mythology in The Legend of Hercules. Lutz plays the title character, who’s half mortal and half god. Because of his supernatural blood (courtesy of his father, Zeus), he’s born with strength the likes of which the world has never seen.

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Lutz is known for staying in shape, so it’s no wonder he was cast as the strongest man on Earth. When he spoke to SheKnows, we asked how he felt about getting attention for his physical attributes.

“I don’t know what attention there is. I don’t really see it,” he said. “I mean, you do these interviews, and people comment on it. I just know how hard I worked for it, and I live an active lifestyle.”

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Lutz explained that he made major changes to his diet for the film.

“While shooting Hercules, I adopted the Paleo Diet… So I really deleted sugars and deleted carbs and dairy and some other things. And you really just notice that your body will adjust, and you feel healthier.”

In terms of exercise, he explained, “I also worked out a lot. Riding a horse works out your legs and your stomach. Wielding the sword works out your shoulders and your chest. And then I was pretty much in a skirt the whole movie, so [I was] doing pushups for the chest. You know I worked hard. I really did.”

After being part of the Twilight franchise and appearing in films like Immortals and the upcoming Expendables sequel, Lutz is gaining a reputation as one of the toughest and hottest guys around.

But when asked if he feels like the “hottest” star, he replied, “No. By all means, no.”

The Legend of Hercules opens in theaters Jan. 10.

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