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Mixology serves its characters with sex and humor

A new comedy from the writers of The Hangover, Mixology promises to bring a sexy edge to television when it premieres Feb. 26. Here’s your first look at the show’s cast.
ABC is mixing it up for their mid-season schedule. The network definitely had a rough start to their fall premieres. Lucky 7 was cancelled after only two episodes. Betrayal and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland both failed to impress. Now, the network is looking to the new year and the mid-season lineup to bring things back. Well, they just may have their hit.

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The new comedy Mixology has all the makings of a success. Not only was it written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore who wrote The Hangover, but Larry Charles of Seinfeld and Entourage is directing the show. As if that weren’t enough to get you to watch, the show is capping its above-the-line roster with TV veterans Ryan Seacrest and Nina Wass as executive producers.

From all the footage we’ve seen, the show looks hilarious! It chronicles 10 characters over one night as they search for love sex. With witty characters and an interesting setting, the show could really fill a comedy void in our lives.

Tom is out on the town in ABC's MixologyBlake Lee as Tom

Tom just got dumped by his fiancée and thus begins the journey of the show. He’s ready to get back out on the town. OK, he’s so not ready. Cue the tears. And the unexpected connections. Hello, Maya!

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Cal and Bruce in ABC's MixologyCraig Frank as Cal and Andrew Santino as Bruce

Just because Tom isn’t ready to jump back into the dating game doesn’t mean his friends aren’t going to force him. Cal and Bruce are getting him back into the dating pool whether he likes it or not. Don’t worry, they’ll also be on standby for some hilarious side commentary as they try their hands at flirting.

Feisty Maya in ABC's MixologyGinger Gonzaga as Maya

Ginger is the first girl Tom runs into during his night on the town. Sure she’s beautiful, but she’s also an attorney with a feisty streak. Their encounter ends with poor Tom in tears. Sounds like he’s a sensitive soul. Surprisingly, it seems like Maya digs it. Tom walks away with her number — her actual number — and some much-needed confidence.

Ron, Jessica and Liv in ABC's MixologyKate Simses as Liv and Alexis Carra as Jessica

Maya may be brutally honest, but are her friends? Jessica is a single mom who’s on the prowl, while Liv is engaged. Still, the ladies may find some trouble of their own as the night progresses. Enter Ron, a failed entrepreneur who also fails when he throws up in Jessica’s purse early on in the evening.

Kacey and Dominic in ABC's mixologyVanessa Lengies as Kacey

Kacey is a friendly cocktail waitress on the Mix staff who is searching for love in all the wrong places (aka. her Mix co-worker Dominic, who can’t even remember her name.) She seems pretty naive, but gets a rude awakening when she tries to dramatically break up with Dominic only to have him passively dismiss her. Ouch!

Dominic and Kacey connect in ABC's MixologyAdan Canto as Dominic

You may remember Adan Canto from The Following. (How could we forget him!) Dark and mysterious describes him perfectly. In Mixology, he will take on the role of Mix’s hot bartender. He and Kacey have a past, but Dominic’s a player who doesn’t really seem to remember the details of that past, much to Kacey’s dismay. It looks like things may not end so badly for the two, though. They’re seen getting hot and heavy in the promo.

So who will Tom take home at the end of the night? We’ll find out when Mixology premieres Feb. 26 on ABC.

Images courtesy of ABC

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