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TRAILER: Veronica Mars goes back to high school

Veronica Mars is back on her old stomping grounds. Kristen Bell is dusting off her private investigator’s license for Veronica Mars, the movie.

Veronica Mars Movie

Start your year off right with another taste of Veronica Mars. The Kickstarter darling has a new trailer with even more footage of the former teen detective. Kristen Bell reprises her role as the title character and proves she hasn’t lost her edge. Veronica’s as tough and determined as ever.

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The trailer introduces us to Veronica’s new life. She seems to have given up on detective work and settled into a career as an attorney. Even her dad (Enrico Colantoni) is surprised by her career path. Yet she claims to be content. But that all changes when she learns her former flame Logan (Jason Dohring) is in trouble with the law.

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It turns out Logan’s girlfriend has turned up dead, and he’s the prime suspect. He reaches out to Veronica because he knows she’s the only one who can clear his name. And as if that weren’t enough drama, she has to attend her high school reunion, where familiar faces come out of the woodwork.

Most of the original cast returns, including Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino and Percy Daggs III. There’s even a quick cameo by a barely recognizable Dax Shepard (Bell’s husband in real life) at the reunion. If you look closely, you’ll see him giving Veronica the eye. It’s both hilarious and disturbing.

Check out the new trailer for Veronica Mars below
Veronica Mars is directed and co-written by Rob Thomas. The film opens in select theaters March 14.

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