Rick Ross is suing LMFAO over "Party Rock Anthem" lyrics

Jan 3, 2014 at 8:28 a.m. ET

LMFAO's success is about to have a dark cloud shadowing it. Rapper Rick Ross has hit the pair with a copyright infringement lawsuit over their popular hit "Party Rock Anthem."

LMFAO face a copyright infringement lawsuit from rapper Rick Ross

Sometimes it's hard to avoid a lawsuit in Hollywood and artists are constantly being hit with copyright infringements over their biggest hits. Unfortunately for LMFAO, the track in question happens to be the massively popular "Party Rock Anthem."

The tune was/is loved by people across the globe since it made its debut in 2010, but one person who is slightly less enthused about the track is rapper Rick Ross, who believes the electronic dance music duo has stolen some of his lyrics.

The "Aston Martin Music" rapper has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against LMFAO — which consists of quirky members Stefan Kendal Gordy (Redfoo) and Skyler Austen Gordy (SkyBlu) — and he is claiming their use of the phrase "every day I'm shuffling" is far too similar to his catchphrase from his 2006 track "Hustlin'" which goes, "Every day I'm hustlin'."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuit has been filed in a Florida federal court and states that, "The use of 'Hustlin'' in 'Party Rock Anthem' is readily apparent, despite the slight change from "Everyday I'm hustlin'..." to "Everyday I'm shufflin'..." and constitutes, inter alia, the creation of an unauthorized derivative work."

However, it's not just the catchphrase that the rapper is angry about. He also believes the track was made to sound very similar to his own and would therefore like some compensation.

The lawsuit continues to state that, "The phrase is so important to the success of 'Party Rock Anthem' that LMFAO launched a highly successful clothing line, Party Rock Clothing, that features the phrase on T-shirts and other clothing items."

The Hollywood Reporter has also claimed, "Ross is now seeking an injunction and maximum statutory damages."

Even if Ross does not win the case, it is likely to put a massive damper on the uncle and nephew pair as well as their enjoyment of their success.

Photo credit: WENN.com