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12 Must-watch TV moments of 2013

All of those early lists are overrated. 2013 doesn’t end until midnight on Dec. 31st, right? Here’s our look at the best TV moments from this awesome year.

It’s been a rough year on television: Full of hellos and goodbyes. We thought it was time to share the best and worst TV moments from 2013. Enjoy!

The Red Wedding
Game of Thrones

Twitter, Facebook and everything in between exploded the night of The Red Wedding on HBO’s Game of Thrones. But, have we really seen the last of everyone there?

A new Doctor arrives
Doctor Who

Perhaps not the most glorious of moments, the Twelfth Doctor came into the world with what looked like a sneeze. Clara knew what was coming, but that didn’t change her shocked reaction.

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Meeting our mother
How I Met Your Mother

For an entire eight seasons we waited for one very crucial moment: To meet Ted’s wife. In the final scenes of the final episodes on the show’s penultimate season, we finally saw her.

Walt and Jesse break free… sort of
Breaking Bad

No amount of figuring out the science behind the title of the last episode, “Felina,” could prepare Breaking Bad fans for the final moments of their favorite show.

Liz Lemon says goodbye
30 Rock

While we loved the way Kenneth ended the finale, it was really Liz and Jack’s final moments we loved the best.

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Nick and Jess kiss
New Girl

Ohhhhhh the sexual tension! Did anyone else actually gasp when Nick grabbed Jess and kissed her? This was not only a great 2013 moment, but one of the best TV kisses ever.

A is revealed
Pretty Little Liars

Speaking of gasping! Did anyone ever expect this massive reveal? In hindsight, we definitely should’ve seen it coming, though.

Don finally tells the truth
Mad Men

We’ve known most of Don’s past from nearly the beginning of his story. Only select people in his life were in on his secret, though. That is, until his pitch to Hershey’s Chocolate Company.

Finn’s friends saying good-bye

In the spring the world said good-bye to star Cory Monteith. This fall, the glee club finally had their chance to bid farewell to their buddy, Finn. Millions of computers fried from all the tears on the keyboard.

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The Governor returns
The Walking Dead

Surprise, surprise! In a world overtaken with zombies/walkers/geeks, just because you kill ’em, doesn’t mean they’re dead.

Mary’s best and worst year
Downton Abbey

What a year for Mary! The season started with her long-awaited marriage to Matthew but ended with a baby and Matthew’s fatal car accident.

Ziva’s exit

Why did Ziva leave? Because Cote de Pablo needed a break from NCIS. Her absence really screwed with everyone’s plans on and off the show. It’s fun watching them recover so beautifully, though!
It’s been quite the year on television, huh? Did we miss any of your favorite or most emotional moments? Tell us!

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