Nashville sneak peek: Does Will die?

Two characters on Nashville might not make it to see the midseason return. Don’t worry — we’ve pieced together the clues in search of an answer.
Nashville is heating up with drama and ratings. The show is gaining ground as the season progresses, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next!

The major drama: Who will die? We do know that one series regular will be written off the show, but who will it be? We’ve got a look at what’s to come.

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you want spoilers for Nashville Season 3.

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First Peggy, then Will? And all in one explosive midseason finale. But which one actually dies? Judging by the promo and Internet rumors, Peggy doesn’t make it. Will, on the other hand, seems to be missing. We’re guessing he jumped out of the way of that train just in time. That doesn’t mean he isn’t still seriously depressed.

Here are a few of the reasons we think Will makes it out alive:

  • ABC added Chris Carmack, who plays Will, as a series regular for Season 2.
  • E! Online reports that someone — that’s one, not two — will die out of a list of series regulars. Peggy and Will are both on the list.
  • The promo seems to focus on Teddy and his family when they refer to tragedy.
  • A train wouldn’t be able to stop in time to avoid hitting Will, but the engineers or conductor would most likely see someone standing on the tracks. They would report the tragedy, and Will wouldn’t be a missing person for long.
  • Lastly, Carmack recently posted the following on Twitter: 

If Will really does die, we doubt Carmack would be so carefree about it.

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Lots of other things are coming to the show when it returns. Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) will deal with the repercussions of her affair with Charles Wentworth. Plus, Scarlett and Gunnar will be brought together by none other than Kelly Clarkson, who wants to record one of their songs. This may be the lovebirds’ chance to reunite, except it looks like Scarlett isn’t too pleased with the duo. We’d love to see Clarkson save the day!

Season 2 of Nashville returns Wednesday, Jan. 15 on ABC.


Which character do you think will die when Season 2 of Nashville returns?

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