Is Keri Russell dating her co-star Matthew Rhys?

Keri Russell sure knows how to end a year with a bang. Her personal life is under the microscope after separating from her husband.

KeriRussellbluejacketKeri Russell isn’t normally an actress who makes news for her personal life, but the past month has been all about her private life.

After a break-in at her Brooklyn, New York, home, her rep revealed that The Americans star had separated from husband Shane Deary after seven years of marriage.

The latest buzz is that Russell might be dating her FX co-star Matthew Rhys. They have been spotted all over New York City together and looking pretty cozy.

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A source saw them having lunch at ABC Kitchen and shared the sighting to Page Six, “Seeing the way they are together I could have sworn they were a couple. They were so touchy-feely, drinking and laughing.”

The actors were also seen a few days before Christmas near her home in Brooklyn Heights doing some last-minute shopping.

“They looked very much like a couple,” an insider told People. “They were laughing and walking closely together.”

Russell and the Welsh actor are filming Season 2 of their show. They play Soviet KGB agents posing as a married couple during the Reagan administration on the series, so they spend a lot of time together on the set.

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The former Felicity star has two children with her estranged husband, son River, 6, and daughter Willa, 2. Rhys has never been married.

There has been no confirmation from either of the stars’ reps, but it is clear they enjoy spending a lot of their free time together.

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