On the naughty list! No kids for Charlie Sheen on Christmas

Charlie Sheen is spending Christmas all by his lonesome while his children celebrate with their mothers — and he is not happy about it.

Charlie Sheen

It will be a lonely Christmas for Charlie Sheen after it’s been revealed that none if his young kids will be celebrating the holiday with him.

Sheen previously spewed hatred toward ex-wife Denise Richards when he discovered she would be taking their daughters on vacation for Christmas — a trip on which he says he was not invited.

Now it’s been revealed that Sheen’s twins Max and Bob won’t be opening presents around their dad’s tree on Christmas morning, either — and he’s extra, super-ticked off about that, too.

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But sources close to Brooke Mueller say neither she nor her brother Scott, who is currently the legal guardian of the twins, ever had any intention of allowing Sheen quality holiday time because he is on a “downward spiral” and his sputtering is just to cover himself in the press after planning a European vacation with his porn star girlfriend.

“Scott had never agreed to let Charlie spend Christmas Eve or Christmas day with his son’s with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Brooke would never have agreed to it either. Charlie was telling people he was going to see the boys so that he wouldn’t look bad for planning to take his porn star girlfriend to Europe,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com.

“Charlie has no one to blame for not being able to spend Christmas with his kids but himself. He is clearly in yet another downward spiral, and needs help. Lashing out at Denise, the courts, Brooke, child protective services doesn’t change the basic facts… he needs to take responsibility for his actions and grow up.”

While Mueller hasn’t spoken out publicly on the situation herself, Richards took the unusual-for-her step of responding to Sheen’s vitriol on Twitter Monday — but her post was quickly deleted.

“U done ranting? keep it class dude,” she wrote. “Our kids don’t need to be privy to this, U are welcome to spend xmas w/us. Hope you still come. u were & are welcome 2 see them. I never asked for your plane. we love you. Please 4 our kids stop this….”

Sheen’s girlfriend Brooke Rossi is currently packing for their lavish European vacation. Hey, it could be worse — at least Max and Bob aren’t spending the holiday in foster care.

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