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“Bah, humbug!” you say? Give us 5 minutes

Some Christmases are better than others, so if yours is pegging out the suck meter, help is on the way. We guarantee your holiday spirit will be restored after watching these.

Christmas parodies

Christmas medley

No one is left out of this delightful parody. The funny little elves at Screen Team take a few artistic liberties with works from Macklemore, Drake and Robin Thicke. The result is holiday gold. “I get so hungry, delivering goodies. Tonight is the night I get to eat all the cookies, but I’m getting so fat like the chimney can’t hold us, like the chimney can’t hold us.” Amen, Santa. A. Men.

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“Wrecking Ball” Christmas parody

Whatever is wrecking your holiday — ungrateful children, overbearing in-laws — this “Wrecking Ball” Christmas parody should help you forget all of your holiday woes. There isn’t a bit of twerking, although these images of Santa may be burned in your memory forever — and not in a good way. “I saw three kinds of popcorn, separated in a fancy tin, in the middle of a dollar store — I found it in a bargain bin.” That is some festive fun right there.

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Lorde Royals Christmas parody

Did Lorde inadvertently give knock-off enthusiasts everywhere the perfect vehicle for parody goodness? It would appear so. In this Christmas parody of Lorde’s “Royals,” the dysfunctional gang is “always naughty, never nice,” and they “put the star up on the tree, watch my family disagree.” We promise you’ll find something reminiscent of your own train-wreck holiday in this gem.

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Jimmy Fallon “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

This has to be our favorite Christmas parody this season, brought to us by that nutty funster Jimmy Fallon. Here, he plays a “typical” guy who says what his girl wants to hear as a means to an end, but the end of this parody is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. We laughed, we cried. Behold, wise men.

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