4 Scandalous spoilers for The Originals' return

Dec 21, 2013 at 1:40 p.m. ET

It's time to pick sides! A new dynamic is headed to The Originals, and big decisions are about to be made as lines are drawn. Which characters will you root for?

Klaus rules his kingdom when Season 1 returns

The interesting thing about The Originals is that you can easily sympathize with every character on the show. The reasons behind their actions are understandable and, more often than not, relatable. It means a character you hate suddenly becomes your favorite in the span of one episode. (We're thinking back to Klaus' crying scene here. It still gets us!)

When the show returns with a new season, this pattern will continue if not get even heavier, now that we've established the stories and characters. Hold on to your coffins!

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1. A life-altering decision is made for Davina

According to executive producer Julie Plec, "Fans will see a big move in the witch community, a life-altering decision is made for Davina and an attempt to complete The Harvest," as reported by Wetpaint.

The wording of this quote is what strikes us as interesting. Plec doesn't say, "Davina makes a life-altering decision." The way she says it, it almost sounds like the choice is forced on her. We're guessing pressure's on to either complete the Harvest or let the other girls die for good. There's a high chance Davina will choose to finally take the risk and complete the spell, allowing herself and the coven to keep their powers.

A new witch will also be joining the cast. Could she be the one who tries to complete the Harvest spell? Perhaps she will enter the show as a mentor for Davina. Girl could use a good influence!

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2. Tyler will return from the Garden

It's been hinted that someone (namely a certain blond original vampire) will help Tyler out of the Garden. Tyler clearly has goals of revenge against Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and now that Klaus is ruling New Orleans, Tyler has even more reasons to want him destroyed.

He's going to have to be much sneakier about his tactics next time around. No more duking it out at the campsite. Taking Klaus down could never be that simple. Especially now that Marcel is on Klaus' team (sort of), Tyler will have an even tougher time of it. He's made an enemy of just about everyone.

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3. Rebekah will discover a way to keep the upper hand

Marcel chose power over Rebekah (Claire Holt), and that's gotta leave a girl bitter. She won't be leaving New Orleans anytime soon, but her motives are sure to change direction.

The Originals' executive producer Michael Narducci told TVLine, "When we come back in the new year, you're going to see Rebekah have some perspective on what that location [the Garden] is and how she might be able to use that to her advantage."

Perhaps Rebekah is planning on building an army of her own against Klaus and Marcel. She would make a pretty good scorned mob-boss type, if we may say so.

4. The next half of the season is a departure from the first

Things are getting real.

With Klaus back in control of the city, New Orleans will look more like the town we saw in the midseason finale. Compared to that, Marcel's rule of New Orleans was demure. It's almost painful watching Klaus make such brutal decisions.

To make matters even worse, Klaus' hold over the city is fragile at best, meaning the competition surrounding the new leader will keep him in the panic zone. We're cringing at the thought. OK, yeah, we also feel the squeal of excitement bubbling in our throats. It's gonna be so good!

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