No more kids for Heidi Klum — she needs sleep!

Heidi Klum loves being a mother, although with four young children she doesn’t plan on having any more in the future — not with all the lack of sleep and lengthy Christmas lists.

Heidi Klum has no plans for more children

The beautiful Heidi Klum appears to be a brilliant mother and has four adorable children. Her oldest child is Leni, who she shares with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, and she has three other kids, Lou, Johan and Henry, with ex-husband and superstar Seal.

However, the German beauty has decided she has quite enough children for one lifetime and that she doesn’t plan on having another.

The 40-year-old former model was asked recently by E! News if she plans on adding to her brood, to which she responded: “I don’t think so. Four is great.”

That statement is not so surprising because all of Klum’s children are under 10 years old. Leni is 9, Henry is 8, Johan is 7, and the youngest, Lou, is 4, which means all of that parenting doesn’t leave much time to do anything else.

“I’ll sleep when I’m old. I don’t have time for any of that now,” the Project Runway star confessed. She also doesn’t have big plans for the festive season and plans to stay at her swanky home in Los Angeles, California.

However, just because the TV presenter’s Christmas celebrations are going to be low-key does not mean there won’t be plenty of presents involved; Klum has been stocking up since summer.

“We’re going to stay put [for Christmas]. My mum and dad were just here. It was so nice. So we’re just going to hang at home. It’s nice to be home.”

She revealed, “I start in the summer! I start everything early. I’m a planner. You have to be organized. I have lists, pages and pages of lists.”

Having so many little ones to buy presents for can be a costly affair, but Klum herself is content with just having her kids around her and doesn’t want much in the form of gifts. She said, “I want my kids to make something for me. I have a whole wall that’s dedicated to all the things they’ve made for me.”

What a beautiful little family Klum has!

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