Lucie Arnaz: Christmas memories with Lucy & Desi

Lucie Arnaz knows how special her parents Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are to fans. She shares some holiday memories from her childhood.


Everyone still loves Lucy. This holiday season, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are back where they belong: on America’s television sets.

The couple’s daughter Lucie Arnaz spoke with the Associated Press about her Christmas memories with her family in anticipation of a long-awaited CBS special. The 62-year-old actress shared that her mother never forgot her Jamestown, New York, roots.

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She said, “My mother loved the East Coast so she tried to bring it to Beverly Hills. We always had a flocked white tree with blue lights. At night, it made it look like wintertime in the snow.”

Lucie also had a sweet story about her Cuban-born dad who dressed up as Santa and entered her room from the roof of their house one Christmas Eve. He came in bearing gifts for his young daughter.

“He bent over and kissed me and said ‘Merry Christmas!’ I thought, ‘Santa sounds just like Daddy,'” she shared.

Even though her mom confirmed the story years later, the legendary comedian told it in a different light.

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Lucille explained to her offspring, “Yes, he did that. He got all liquored up and banged on the roof and got in his Santa suit with the presents and the whole thing. And then he had to open his mouth.”

It was never a dull moment in their household, but the I Love Lucy stars eventually divorced when Lucie was 7 years old. The years following the divorce resulted in holidays with her mom in Beverly Hills and then a Cuban holiday with roasted pig at Desi’s horse ranch the next day.

Fans of the zany couple will be able to watch a colorized version of the hour-long I Love Lucy Christmas Special on Friday at 8/7c on CBS.

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