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INTERVIEW: Jake Miller talks “mind-blowing” overnight success

SheKnows scored big when Jake Miller landed on our couch! We talked about crying fangirls, adjusting to life as an international sensation, his next big, possible career move and so much more.

Super-hot Floridian and heartthrob Jake Miller only released his debut album, Us Against Them, a couple months ago, but he’s already an international success. His YouTube page has seen dozens of views and he’s performed alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston and fellow Sunshine State native Flo Rida. That’s right. One T-Mobile/Samsung talent contest win and now he has girls sobbing on his couch.

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Wait, what?!

“Onstage I bring the couch on, pick a lucky fan to be on the couch and maybe serenade them, give ’em a little massage,” he explained. That seems like a pretty intense concert experience. Do they cry? “Every time, pretty much. Sometimes they get really shy and forget the lyrics. But, yeah, they’re always crying.”

Who could blame them? Why is there a couch on stage? It comes out during Miller’s performance of his latest single, “My Couch.” So, what does he like to do on his real couch? What’s the song all about? It’s more innocent than you’d expect.

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“The whole point of it is just, instead of going out every night and getting drunk, going out to the club and taking shots every night, it’s nice to just every once in a while hang with that one special girl on the couch at home and just watch Netflix, order some Chinese food and just take it easy.”
Miller’s success came insanely quick and hard. There was absolutely no buildup for the singer between struggling artist and musical sensation. After years of being a diehard music fan himself, it definitely feels a little surreal.

“It’s crazy just ’cause it happens so quick, I feel like,” he shared. “I remember being on the other side of it. As a kid I would kind of look up to other artists and be starstruck by artists. So, to have kids look up to me and consider me their idol is just mind-blowing… It’s really cool.”

With such an intense fan base, he must feel a certain amount of pressure to be a decent role model to those kids crying for him and screaming at his concert barricades. These days pop stars don’t exactly have the best track record for being great influences in their young fans’ lives.

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“It’s not pressure as in I might mess up or let them down, just because I know I’m a good kid and I know I have my team around me that’s going to keep me on the right track,” he said. “But it is a big responsibility because every tweet I put out, half a million people see it. So I gotta stay true to myself and just keep doing what I do and hopefully fans will keep loving it.”

Aww! It sounds like Miller is not only a cool, talented guy but he also has a great head on his shoulders. If he keeps it up, we’ll join the sobbing masses!

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With great fame comes great sacrifice. What has been the biggest adjustment for Miller in his new life in the spotlight? And what’s ahead for the pop and hip-hop star now that he’s finished his second headlining tour? It sounds like someone one might have a bit of the acting bug, too. To find out what Miller has to say about his career future and much, much more, check out the video of our full interview with the sweet, talented Jake Miller.

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