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The titillating new music video from Katy Perry

If you’ve paid attention to anything remotely pop culture, you would know the trials and tribulations Katy Perry has faced with boyfriend John Mayer. But after watching this music video, you almost may be able to feel the electric chemistry binding these two musical forces.

Katy Perry

Ever had someone tell you your love was “wrong” or “bad” for you?

Now magnify that by, I don’t know, a thousand, and you have what Katy Perry faced through the years with her boyfriend John Mayer.

You know him. That small town, sort of known singer. Not. Yeah, he’s amazing and you know it. And they are a power couple.

That being said, just like we judge Chris Brown and Rihanna (along with Karrueche), I want to say we all were inclined to apply a similar standard to Perry and Mayer.

Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but there is no comparison. After watching this music video for “Who You Love,” I forgot who was saying what and what the lyrics were even about because the chemistry was just that strong.

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It’s for the same reasons I want to hate Twilight. I mean really — who has an Edward Cullen-Bella Swan thing?

Even if it is for the cameras or just the stuff made for movies, Perry and Mayer have an onscreen, mind-blowing charm that is envy-inducing.

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The music video features couples riding on a mechanical bull in the middle of the desert, and it’s an experience you want to be jealous of. They seem so in love, and then the camera pans to Perry and Mayer, who have this indescribable attraction to each other. The hairs on your arm stand up, and it’s not even a song about you. Mayer’s glances to his songbird Perry are tantalizing, and her embrace is nothing short of remarkable.

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Quite frankly, I could watch this video on mute and still get a thrill out of it. What are your thoughts, readers? Does this video do for you what it does for me? Do you agree that Perry and Mayer are a match made in musical heaven? Can you deny their chemistry? Air out your feelings below!

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