Charlie Sheen losing friends fast: Girlfriend to blame?

Not only is Charlie Sheen picking an unnecessary fight with Denise Richards, he also lost three of his most trusted advisors — and pals are saying his new porn star girlfriend is to blame.

Charlie SheenJust when he was starting to sound like an actual voice of reason in his court battle with Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen seems to be losing control once again.

The Anger Management star laid into ex-wife Denise Richards for telling him to make himself scarce during a family Christmas vacation — a charge the actress and mother of three denied — and now he’s gunning for longtime staff members. While the story of why the men left Sheen’s team varies depending on who you talk to, all versions have one thing in common: Sheen’s new girlfriend Brett Rossi.

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“The bottom line was that Mark, Larry and Jake were unable to work effectively for Charlie,” a source told RadarOnline. “He is too much of a loose cannon at the moment with his increasingly erratic and bizarre behavior and outrageous statements. He was refusing to listen to their advice and counsel.”

Another insider claims that Sheen actually fired the men — because they hated Rossi.

“They didn’t resign, they were all fired,” the second source revealed. “Things have been extremely chaotic in Charlie’s camp for several weeks, ever since he began dating Brett,” said another insider.

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“His team expressed concerns over the relationship… He was not happy with being questioned about who he was dating, so Charlie fired them all. Brett had also encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because she believed they didn’t like her and were sabotaging the relationship.”

“Brett is calling all the shots in Charlie’s life at the moment and they have only known each other for six weeks! People close to Charlie believe the relationship will eventually fizzle out, but his career could be in tatters by that point.”

Sheen won’t be crying in his eggnog on Christmas, though — he reportedly plans to take Rossi on a whirlwind trip to Europe.

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