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Cover your eyes! Downton Abbey Season 4 spoilers

With the series airing previously in the U.K., that means we have all the juicy spoilers you want before the show even airs one episode. Viewers beware!

Lady Mary Downton Spoilers

There are really two types of television viewers out there — the ones who like to know what’s going to happen on their favorite shows and the ones who don’t. The ones who don’t are called spoilerphobes and get upset when someone tells them Matthew died on last season’s Christmas episode of Downton Abbey. Sorry folks, Dan Stevens, who played Matthew, is gone for good.

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Those folks really should pull their eyes away from the page right now because even as innocuous as the first spoiler on this list is, they’re likely to be offended to know anything about it before it airs. The rest of you Downton Abbey lovers with ants in your pants are in luck.

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We didn’t give you all the details, but just enough to leave you clamoring for more as you wait for the premiere on Jan. 5, 2014, on PBS.

  • Electric appliances have reached the kitchen of Downton Abbey. However will Mrs. Patmore deal with the changes?
  • If you’ve always hated the evil glare of Miss O’Brien? You’re in for a treat.
  • Someone who was once all business didn’t bother crafting a will, once again sending the fate of Downton into the hands of the erstwhile legal system of 1920s England, for a while at least. When a surprising development arises, not everyone is pleased.
  • Matthew’s death leaves one former member of the Downton staff particularly down and out.
  • When Mary meets a man who turns her head, she longs for the ice queen she once was.
  • Isobel believes she is no longer a mother now that she has lost her only son and, wracked with depression, cuts herself off from the rest of the family.
  • The return of a lady’s maid once fired for canoodling with Tom Branson once again turns his head.
  • One night of gambling changes Lord Grantham’s opinion of Edith’s lover. Say what?
  • While a concert takes place at the Abbey, a horrific act coincides within its halls, screams echoing within its walls are masked by the music and gaiety of the guests.
  • To keep her husband safe, one woman keeps a secret that literally tears their relationship apart.
  • It doesn’t take long for one man to want to stake a claim on Lady Mary’s heart, even if she may not be willing to open up to love so easily after losing Matthew.
  • The first African American joins the cast, and enters into a bi-racial relationship, very risque for its time.
  • When Edith’s lover goes to Germany to get a divorce from his incapacitated wife, Edith expects something very important in his absence.
  • Cousin Rose resembles Sybil as she goes against convention with a forbidden love affair.
  • Downton Abbey tackles the topic of abortion.

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Photo credit: Nick Briggs/Carnival Film and Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

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