Who's Hotter: Cougar Town's Josh vs. Brian

Jan 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Cougar Town fans love Bobby Cobb and Grayson Ellis, despite their differences. So is the ever-vain Grayson (Josh Hopkins) or the lovable loser Bobby (Brian Van Holt) hotter? Before you jump to any hasty decisions, consider the following.

Josh Hopkins and Brian van Holt | Sheknows.com

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins | Sheknows.com

Josh Hopkins grew up the son of former representative Larry Hopkins in Lexington, Ky., and by his account, it was a great childhood. In junior high, he was part of a break-dance group called The Fun Bunch and in high school, he worked at a gas station. He told US Weekly "I was blessed with the greatest parents anyone could wish for." What we have here, ladies, is the hottie next door devoid of Mommy and Daddy issues. That's a rare breed indeed.


Hopkins broke out as Raymond Millbury in Ally McBeal. He's also made appearances in G.I. Jane and The Perfect Storm. We were particularly tickled to happen upon his appearance in Alanis Morissette's "Unsent," where he plays one of Morissette's former loves. This falls into a little category we like to call "before-they-were-famous gold." Hopkins was also one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2013 and jokingly said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, "It's about time. I've always been this sexy."


All that guitar playing you see Hopkins do on Cougar Town is the real deal. Hopkins also has a music career, with one of his most notable hits being "Feigning Interest." This ode to being single stirred up quite a controversy — presumably for those with no sense of humor and because it gets hideously inappropriate the longer you watch. In the "about" section under the "Feigning Interest" YouTube video, however, Hopkins promises "a free pony" to everyone who visits his MySpace page (with the note that ponies aren't guaranteed).

Relationship status

Relentless rumors of Hopkins dating co-star Courteney Cox have swirled pretty much since the first episode of Cougar Town, and the pair hasn't done much to dispel those rumors, appearing arm-in-arm and at cozy dinners together. Hopkins told Ellen in January that he and Cox are such good friends and he loves her so much that he would never mess that up by dating her. For now, Hopkins' only companion is his German shepherd rescue dog.

Brian Van Holt

Brian van Holt | Sheknows.com

Midwesterner Brian Van Holt was born in Illinois and raised in California. Though his character on Cougar Town, Bobby Cobb, tends to be a bit of a clueless blockhead, in real life Van Holt has a degree in sociology from UCLA. Van Holt was discovered standing outside a Gap store in Hunting Beach and his surfer boy looks landed him a modeling contract. His first breakout appearance was in A Very Brady Sequel, and now he plays the charming ex-husband of Courteney Cox.


Van Holt, like Hopkins, has had a long career of impressive roles. In the movies, he's rolled with Hollywood A-listers like Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, Dustin Hoffman and Edward Burns. Working alongside Tinseltown's big wigs with such a humble, unassuming attitude is the stuff hotties are made of.


Van Holt's character, Cobb, loves playing golf and zipping around in his primary mode of transportation — a golf cart. But in real life, Van Holt is also an avid golfer. The actor, who is of Irish-Scottish descent, also knows his way around a surfboard. Boys who like fun in the sun tend to be fit and tan — two things that score high on the "hot" scale.

Relationship status

It's odd that while everyone thought Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins were dating, she was actually dating Van Holt. In something that can be described as "only in Hollywood," Cox's ex-husband, David Arquette, got liquored up and called into Howard Stern's radio show Oct. 31 to reveal that Cox and Van Holt were broken up. (Cox and Van Holt never really confirmed or denied Arquette's announcement, but Cox took Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid to a party at Jennifer Aniston's in early December.) It would appear that both these Cougar Town hotties are currently single.

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