Amanda Bynes’ tiny pooch gets a new home

Amanda Bynes shocked the world when she doused her tiny pooch in gasoline and now he has been taken away from her for good.

Amanda Bynes tiny pooch taken away from her

Troubled starlet Amanda Bynes is finally on the mend, but she has had a tough few months and suffered from a very public meltdown.

One of the Nickelodeon star’s meltdowns sadly included her pet pooch Sherbet, which she drenched in gasoline while trying to set fire to a stranger’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, California.

After the incident happened, the clearly troubled star rushed to a liquor store and attempted to wash her pet clean in a sink in the back area of the shop.

TMZ has obtained footage in which the Easy A actress can be seen entering the store with her tiny Pomeranian in her hands.

This was the final incident that caused the She’s the Man star to be put under a 5150 hold for mental health evaluation and it was reported that she was being treated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Fans and onlookers around the globe were not only worried about Bynes because of her bizarre behavior but also her tiny pooch. There is no denying the actress loves her dog, but she was not in a state to take care of herself, let alone anything else.

TMZ has previously claimed Bynes was desperate to get her little Sherbet back and had been begging to be able to see him during her psychiatric hold. Her parents finally granted her her wish and brought in Sherbert for a 30-minute meeting.

Bynes is doing much better now and has been released from rehab and is well on her road to recovery. Although, she will no longer have her pet because he was taken away from her for good while she was in the Canyons treatment facility.

According to TMZ, “Amanda’s parents cared for Sherbert… but have since given him away to a family friend because Sherbet didn’t get along with the Bynes family’s other dogs.”

The news is, of course, very upsetting for The Amanda Show star, who does not need something to upset her on her hard path to recovery, but it’s good news for little Sherbet because he will never have to have another scary gasoline-drenching episode.

We wish Bynes and her little pooch all the best in their new lives.

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