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10 Best commercials of 2013

Once in a great while, a commercial isn’t something we scoff at or fast-forward through. There exists those rare advertising gems that we stop the conversation to watch — over and over and over again. Here are a few from 2013.

Anchorman 2

Ron Burgundy’s Dodge Durango

Ron Burgundy isn’t just another handsome face, he’s smart as a whip too. As the spokesman for Dodge Durango, he’s not going to bore us with design and mechanical features, but instead he’s going to “wow” us with glove box specs. If you’ve ever wondered how many packs of gum you can fit in the glove box of a Dodge Durango, wonder no more. Burgundy reveals it “comfortably fits 70 packs of gum.”

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Dwayne Johnson: Got milk?

We’re used to seeing super stud Dwayne Johnson play a hero who saves the day. In this commercial he is forced to turn a deaf ear to bank robberies and old ladies trapped in cars so he can save breakfast with a gallon of milk.

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This first time we saw this, we thought, “Nah, this can’t be a real thing.” Then we read the subtitle that said, “Yes, Poo-pourri is a real product.” For better or for worse, this hilarious ad tears down female bathroom stereotypes.

God made a farmer

One of the key ingredients to effective and memorable marketing is evoking feelings of nostalgia. In the biggest commercial competition of the year (the Super Bowl) Dodge Ram took a commanding lead with an ad dedicated to the American farmer, featuring the late Paul Harvey as narrator. In one of those once-every-decade moments, Dodge made everyone in the room fall silent to honor the strength, hard-work and dedication of the men and women who help form the backbone of America. Well done, Dodge. Well done.

Carrie promo

The emotional rollercoaster continues as we bring you one of the most horrifying (but clever) commercials of 2013. In this promotional video for Carrie, stunt people set up in a coffee shop to terrify patrons when one “customer” accidentally spills coffee on the computer of another “custumer.” You have got to take a look at this, and then ask yourself if you’d fall for this if you happened to be one of the java junkies who witnessed it.

Kmart and Joe Boxer

The untouchable marketing team at Kmart who brought us “Ship My Pants” (with lines like, “I can’t wait to ship my pants, Dad”) has rung in the holidays with a festive Joe Boxer commercial. It’s not a wonder this went viral, but be warned. Once you watch it, you’ll never think of “Jingle Bells” the same way.

Van Damme and Volvo

So this is what Jean-Claude Van Damme has been up to lately! He’s been working with Volvo (and apparently doing some pretty intense yogo seshes) to demonstrate Volvo’s engineered precision and stability. This is legit — only a few unseen safety wires and platforms by the mirrors assisted the 53-year-old action star in this incredible demonstration.

Dove and true beauty

How many times have you told yourself, “If only women saw themselves the way others see them.” Women aren’t just their own worst critics — they can be downright brutal to themselves. This touching Dove commercial demonstrates this theory perfectly. Watch this ad, then watch it again, then watch it with your daughter over and over until it becomes second nature to her.

Axe’s ball scrubber

Lest we take too much of a departure from genital and toilet humor, we bring you this gem from the good folks at Axe. This commercial, where Jaime Pressly talks about the proper way to clean balls (she’s describing sports equipment naturally), does for Axe what Schweddy Balls did for Alec Baldwin.

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One Wipe Charlies

We saved the most inappropriate for last, and intend to round out this mish-mash of marketing with a very NSFW (in fact, it’s not really suitable for anywhere) advertisement. Mike from DollarShaveClub is back to convince guys that “One Wipe Charlies” are a good idea. This is just really not OK, for more reasons than we have time to explain, but we guarantee you’ll laugh — just as we can guarantee that wives of guys who insist on wearing tighty-whities ordered “One Wipe Charlies” by the case.

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