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Kim Kardashian wants the world to know she is generous

Kim Kardashian recently held an eBay auction for charity but decided to donate only 10 percent of the proceeds, which left fans shocked and angry. However, Kim is ready to silence her critics and wants the world to know she is generous.

Kim Kardashian slams critics about charity donating

Kim Kardashian came under fire recently when she claimed she was donating money from her monthly eBay auction — which saw the star sell off personal items that included clothing and accessories — to charity.

What many fans did not realize was that the small print said only a small portion of the proceeds was actually going to be donated to the nonprofit organization International Medical Corps to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The reality TV star is hardly short on cash and reportedly is worth a whopping $40 million, so fans were left shocked by her lack of generosity!

Clearly, all of the backlash struck a chord with Kardashian because she has now decided to set the record straight and silence her critics.

The blond beauty took to her Celebuzz blog on Tuesday to clear the air. Kardashian wrote, “I feel compelled to speak about something that is in my head and my heart. Being in the public eye, there are times I feel like I get criticized for any and everything I do.”

“The problem comes in when I get attacked for giving and trying to help people. My dad always taught me the importance of giving back. I don’t publicize everything I do to help charities and people all over the world. I do it because I want to.”

“So for people to attack me for giving 10 percent of my eBay auction sales to the people of the Philippines, that hurts. I give 10 percent of all my earnings to charities, not just these eBay auctions.”

This is clearly a topic Kardashian feels very strongly about, and she went on to explain how important she feels it is to give to those who are less fortunate, especially during the festive season.

Kardashian continued, “I will continue to do what is in my heart and am happy to know many others have enjoyed purchasing from me, as they too are giving with me.”

“Giving comes from the heart. We all need to be reminded of this as we celebrate the holiday season this year.”

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