Music review: The Killers “Just Another Girl

The latest song from The Killers infuses a painful breakup with a playfully profound music video that accompanies its popularity.

Frontman of The Killers

Have you ever had a friend tell you to move on?

Remember the nagging feeling that they just didn’t “get” it?

Yeah, add some vulnerable acoustics and New Wave edge and you’ll have The Killers’ single “Just Another Girl.”

‘Cause you can’t just find “another,” can you?

The lyrics are simplistic in their beauty, and frontman Brandon Flowers’ achy heart is infused with every word that escapes.

If he’s just acting, he’s doing an impeccable job. Well, unless you consider the appearance of Dianna Agron, who dons an array of costumes that mimic Flowers’ outfits over time, complete with a mustache. The single comes straight from the band’s recently debuted album Direct Hits that came out in early November.

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If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been crushed by the sheer brilliance of this relatable track, then I suggest you get hip now by scrolling straight to the bottom and hitting play. The Stuart Price-produced track resembles HelloGoodbye’s “Here (In Your Arms)” from its start, but quickly evolves into almost a Bono/U2 feel.

The Killers are pioneers, aren’t they? I’m almost ashamed about referencing other artists because that almost dilutes their creativity. I found Dianna Agron’s performance creative as well. Granted, I have seen her act rebellious but never as a rebellious man. She made it work, especially while lip-synching to Flowers’ voice. The Glee star may have a promising future as a bad*** rock star since we all know she has the singing chops, right?

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What do you think readers? Are you curious enough? Do your heartbroken friends a favor and pass this along to them. You may not always understand them but The Killers do.

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Check out the video here.

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