Trophy Wife gets into the Christmas spirits

Pair some Christmas cheer, two exes and a Trophy Wife, and what do you get? A holiday disaster!

Trophy Wife Christmas Kate

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, Trophy Wife will air an episode titled “Twas the Night Before Christmas… Or Twas It?” Kate, Pete, Diane and Jackie all find themselves awake on Christmas morning, hungover and trying to piece together what happened on Christmas Eve.

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ABC has released some fun photos that show Christmas morning, so you’ll have to watch to find out what brought everyone to this not-so-festive place. Expect blackouts, burned Christmas trees and lots of laughs!

Trophy Wife Pete drunk Santa

Kate (Malin Akerman) may have been snuggling with a nutcracker, but let’s hope the kids don’t wake up to Pete (Bradley Whitford) dressed as Santa and straddling the couch in complete disarray! Oh, the damage that will do.

Trophy Wife Diane gets frisky

Exactly how a wolf gets into the house is something we’ll have to see to believe, but Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) getting frisky with the pup is worth the wait!

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Trophy Wife Christmas Jackie loses her eyebrows

It looks like no matter what your age, nobody can resist the urge to shave off the eyebrows of the first person to fall asleep. Should we place bets that Jackie (Michaela Watkins) was the first one to doze off after too much eggnog? Lightweight!

Trophy Wife Christmas kids

Warren (Ryan Lee), Bert (Albert Tsai) and Hillary (Bailee Madison) do not look like three kids should look upon awakening on Christmas morning. How will the four parents make it up to them?

Trophy Wife Christmas Diane and Kate

If this is what the kids were gazing upon when they walked into the room, is it any wonder they looked shocked? Diane is usually the upstanding pillar of the family — and she’s sitting on the floor being canoodled by a wolf!

Trophy Wife Christmas Family portrait

This is a touching family Christmas portrait — four adults and three kids gazing in horror, most likely at a wolf wreaking havoc in their house on Christmas day. Oh, the memories!

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Trophy Wife Christmas Santa Pete

What’s the verdict? Is this how it all began, or is this Pete’s attempt to fix it all on Christmas night?

Let’s hope this is just one of many more Trophy Wife Christmas debacles to come.

Images courtesy of ABC/Ron Batzdorff


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