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5 Great books to gift from Laura Kaye, Nora Roberts & more

Holiday shopping stressing you out, and you need to escape? Or, can’t find the best book to gift your bookworm friend or family member? One of these five great reads should do the trick!


Sail Away with Me by Kate Deveaux

Sail Away With Me

Before Jody Carter and her three best friends ever set foot aboard the luxury cruise ship, Jody falls into the arms of uber-hunky celebrity guest Taggart Keith when he saves her shoe from falling to the depths of the sea. Their attraction is undeniable, but the recently divorced single mom knows the last thing she needs is to complicate her life in just seven short days. But that’s exactly what happens when Jody throws caution to the wind for once in her life and gives into a week of sensational pleasures. Taggart helps her discover her more sensual side — one tantalizing night at a time.

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Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille

Barely Undercover

Sparks fly when a feisty private investigator discovers the cop who broke her heart is working undercover in the outlaw motorcycle gang she’s investigating. Two years ago, Lana Parker walked away from James Hunter with a broken heart, but when the two randomly bump into each other as part of an undercover investigation, there’s no turning back (or hiding their feelings) if each wants to take down this biker gang. But when Lana goes on the run, James gives up everything to save her, even if it means compromising their jobs.


Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

Christmas as Copper Mountain

This charming novella is the perfect story to get you in the mood for Christmas, and maybe something else. Since the loss of her family in a tragic plane crash, Harley Diekerhoff has been leading a quiet life — that is until she takes a temporary job at the Copper Mountain Ranch as widower Brock Sheenan’s housekeeper. When Brock’s preteen twins, who have never experienced a traditional Christmas, come to visit the ranch, Harley takes it upon herself to show the girls a perfect holiday. Will Harley’s determination to show the twins a proper Christmas finally melt the cowboy’s heart?

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Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

Dark Witch

Iona Sheehan has always craved acceptance and devotion, but never received any from her indifferent parents. Now, guided by her family ties, she knows where to find it: Ireland. Arriving with nothing but her grandmother’s directions, a positive attitude and a natural gift with horses, Iona meets up with her cousins, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer, and finally feels as if she’s found home. When Iona take a job at a local stable, the owner Boyle McGrath turns out to be all of her biggest fantasies rolled into one big, hunky package. But when an ancient evil threatens Iona’s newfound happiness, she and her family must fight to keep the promise of hope and love alive.


Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

Hard As It Gets

After the disappearance of her brother, Becca Merritt seeks out Nick Rixey, a member of her father’s special forces team, for help. But Nick wants nothing to do with Becca or her father — the man who betrayed their special forces team and left the survivors with dishonorable discharge. Reluctantly, Nick’s protective instincts kick in and he and Becca begin to investigate the disappearance of Becca’s brother, only to have the chemistry and desire between the two take off in ways they never expected. As their investigation turns into all-out war with an organized crime ring, only Nick can protect her and only Becca can heal the scars Nick carries.

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