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15 Reasons Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina should date, y’all

Rumors swirled about Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery during their season of American Idol, particularly after she kissed him at the finale. With both set to perform at the ACAs, we can’t help but root for a spark between these country cuties.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina


They’re totally in sync

If there’s one thing we learned from watching them perform together during the tenth season of American Idol, it’s that these two make one incredible team. Every time they did a duet, we caught ourselves thinking they could be the next Tim and Faith or Blake and Miranda.


They’ve been unlucky in love

Alaina created buzz last year when she took to Twitter to hash out some unresolved feelings toward an ex — who was apparently a bit of a cheater, too. McCreery has been quoted as saying that, prior to American Idol, things were pretty rough in the love department.


They adore their mamas

McCreery often praised his parents during his time on Idol and has continued to thank his mom, Judy, in the press for helping shape who he is. And who could forget Alaina’s teary finale performance of the song “Like My Mother Does” — a tribute to her mom, Kristy?


Pizza makes them happy

Alaina doesn’t just love noshing on pizza — she used to serve it up at CiCi’s, her part-time job during high school. It was there, humming songs while slinging salad at the buffet, that people first began to comment on her impressive pipes. As for McCreery, he told Taste of Country no topping is off-limits.

Lauren Alaina Scotty McCreery


They’re both sporty

They would have been a super-cute story in high school since McCreery was a pitcher on his high school baseball team and Alaina pumped up morale at her high school as a cheerleader. Now they run into each other at charity softball events where they ham it up on the field together.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina


They make each other laugh

Anyone in a happy, long-term relationship will tell you one of the keys to longevity is laughter. The old expression “laughter is the best medicine” may be cliché, but it’s true… making each other laugh can keep a relationship healthy better than just about anything.


She wants a good boy

Sure, Alaina may have been tweeting this about an as-of-yet unnamed boyfriend. However, she’s young and these things are fleeting. There’s still hope for a McCreery/Alaina hookup! We think if she’s looking for a good guy, McCreery sure fits the bill.


They know the importance of stepping stones

Both known for being down-to-earth, McCreery and Alaina can probably credit at least some part of their down-home humbleness to appreciating every victory — no matter its magnitude. On his way to American Idol stardom, McCreery won Clayton Idol in North Carolina, and Alaina was the first WinniSTAR youth talent contest winner at Lake Winnepesaukah amusement park in 2009.


They share a strong faith

Some people say that the strongest relationships are built upon a foundation of mutual beliefs. If that’s the case, McCreery and Alaina would be unshakeable, seeing as they’ve both always been very outspoken about their devout Christianity.

Scotty Mccreery


She doesn’t mind his weird mic grip

Everyone has little idiosyncrasies their significiant other has to overlook. For Alaina, one of those quirks would have to be the bizarre way McCreery holds the microphone. He says its from having never held a mic before American Idol, and Alaina never seemed to mind the kooky grip.

Lauren Alaina Scotty McCreery


She’s not afraid to be herself around him

Although Alaina is funny, goofy and loud around McCreery, those who’ve always known her have said in interviews that the Southern girl is actually quite shy. However, she never seems to hold anything back around Scotty — proving she trusts him enough to let her guard down.


He can appreciate a sweet Georgia Peach

As a good ol’ boy from North Carolina, McCreery can truly appreciate the unique attributes of the Southern woman. Alaina, being from rural Georgia, is just about as country a girl as they come. We bet these two would have tons of fun tearing up dirt roads in a pickup truck.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery


They’re so stinkin’ cute together

C’mon, now. These two are cuter together than Danny and Sandy from Grease. Whether they are singing a duet or giving each other a hard time, the pair can’t hide the fact that they’ve got undeniable chemistry — despite their claims they’ve always been purely platonic.

Lauren Alaina Scotty McCreery


She’s got his back

As evidenced here, Alaina is always looking out for McCreery — so much so that she helps him pick food from his teeth. But she’s also got his back in bigger ways, too. Before the finale of Alaina and McCreery’s American Idol season, Alaina told reporters that even if she lost, she’d be a champ “because [Scotty] is the bomb.”

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery


There’s no harm in giving it a twirl

Clearly, these two would be precious together. And, sure… giving it a go could mean one or both of them might get their hearts broken. That’s a small price to pay, though, for the shot at a real Johnny and June kind of love. Plus, breakups are great material for hit country songs.

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