Are Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger getting engaged?

Dec 6, 2013 at 9:04 a.m. ET

Has Lewis Hamilton realized his life is incomplete without his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger? If rumors are to be believed, then the Formula 1 star already has an engagement ring picked out...

Is Lewis Hamilton planning to get engaged to Nicole Scherzinger

This story does seem a little strange considering Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger just recently called it quits on their five-year on-again, off-again romance.

However, if rumors are to be believed, then the pair have secretly rekindled their romance and are more serious about each other than ever.

They are so serious in fact that the Formula 1 driver has already picked out a very expensive engagement ring and sought the permission of his love's mother, Rosemary Elikolani.

A source revealed to Yahoo! OMG!: "Lewis chose a glamorous, very feminine ring for her months ago from a well known designer, setting him back a five-figure sum."

"He's planning on proposing in the new year by getting down on one knee, it'll be very traditional, he's even discussed it with her mother and told her his intentions."

"Lewis knows it'll look terrific on her finger and that she'll say 'yes' after all they've gone through. He wants their romance back and is going to put his heart and soul into cherishing her and making her happy."

The source is right about one thing — the couple have been through a lot of heartbreak and it is evident they still have feelings for each other. It is believed one of the main reasons the couple split previously is because the "Don't Hold Your Breath" singer wanted to start a family, but her younger beau was at the peak of his career and was not ready to settle down.

The source continued, "He has climbed down from his rigid stance of being too young and too much of a traveler to marry and start a family."

"He's been saying that without Nicole life doesn't have the same meaning. They can't be without each other, they're soul mates."

Another cause for their split was the hitmaker and her British driver had very busy work schedules, and now with Scherzinger quitting The X Factor their relationship may actually have a serious shot.

The source added, "Lewis wants her beside him this year, he can't afford any emotional turmoil and they're missing each other, especially Lewis."

"Both of them have benefited from their split, but they've realized it's impossible for them to be without each other or interested in anyone else."

What do you think, could the former couple be reuniting once again?

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