Paul Walker’s cause of death in car crash released

Paul Walker’s cause of death in the fatal crash that took his life on Nov. 30 has been released by the coroner. The Fast & Furious star died of trauma and thermal heat injuries.

Paul Walker

The cause of death regarding the car accident that took Paul Walker’s life on Saturday has been revealed, stating that the actor died from trauma and severe burn injuries.

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Apparently, Walker did not just die on impact as the car slammed into two trees, a sign and a pole. The thermal heat from the explosion of the car is what ultimately ended his life.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car and Walker’s longtime friend, Roger Rodas, was said to have died of multiple traumatic injuries he suffered on impact. However, burn injuries were not listed as a factor in his cause of death.

The deaths of both men were ruled as accidents.

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Many theories have been floating around as to what initially caused the car, a Porsche Carrera GT, to crash, but authorities are focusing on speed as being a major factor. An accident investigator claims the car was going at least 90 mph. when the crash occurred. TMZ also reported that a warning from the car’s manufacturer said the car could potentially be dangerous if driven on the wrong terrain.

The warning from Porsche said that the car “is as close to a race car as we will ever get,” and that it “has all the disadvantages of a race car.” The manufacturer went on to say that the Carrera GT is so sensitive to road conditions it could not even “drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side.” The smallest of dents on the road could cause damage to the car and any potholes, dips, ramps or any protruding objects could gravely affect the car’s driving.

However, Rodas was a trained driver and he would have been aware of the car’s shortcomings if not handled properly. Other reports also claimed that there may have been something wrong with the vehicle, causing it to malfunction. Sources at the scene said there was car fluid found on the road near the crash site.

Photo credit: Joe Alvarez