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Kelsey recaps Sweet Home Alabama: Whose first date was unforgettable?

Every week, the bachelorette herself from CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama will recap each episode exclusively on SheKnows! This week, she dishes on her romantic first dates.

Kelsey from Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama
Jacob goes
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Every week, the bachelorette herself from CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama will recap each episode exclusively on SheKnows! This week, she dishes on her romantic first dates.

I love this week’s episode!

I was so excited to get to know Jared a little bit better this week. The very first thing he proved to me is that he’s so kindhearted. Making that chair for my future classroom was so sweet and thoughtful. I really enjoyed fishing with him; he constantly kept me laughing. I think it’s funny that his sister signed him up for the show, but I’m totally glad she did.

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Kelsey Smith, Sweet Home Alabama

My date with Jeremy was very thought-out and romantic. For me, it was a bit much for the first date. I would’ve much rather been able to spend my time chatting with Jeremy than searching for roses… but “to each his own,” and I will say all the notes on the roses were incredibly sweet. Jeremy is a great man and is so incredibly thoughtful.

My date with Jacob is one that I’ll never forget. For starters, I ate rabbit for the first time. Surprisingly, it was good! I learned a lot about Jake. He is this incredible person all wrapped up in an adorable package, complete with a mustache. I was so surprised to learn what a beautiful heart Jake has; he not only fought for our country, he volunteered to fight for one term and now works as a firefighter. What a man! Jacob kissed me, and honestly I wasn’t surprised at all that he did. After I gave my “assertive” speech to the guys, I knew he would be one of the guys to step up to the plate and go for it.

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Glamping with Emilio was amazing. That boy sure can cook! I’ve never been exposed to true Italian food and everything he prepared for our date was delicious. Emilio is really smooth; I could tell from the first minute that he knew exactly how to treat a girl. It’s amusing to watch the show each week and see how much he cusses. He definitely held his tongue when he was with me, which was nice.

Between camping and glamping, I’m going to have to say it was a tie between Jake and Emilio. Both experiences were incredibly different, but I loved every minute of each.

When it came time to eliminations for the evening, finding out that Jeremy had walked away from this experience was crazy to me. It really upset me because he made me feel like this whole thing was a joke or not real, when in fact it is the opposite. I decided to do this show because I’m hoping to find someone I can see a future with. Throughout this entire experience I have been very honest with my feelings and I’ve been putting them all out there. I don’t want to put them out there for guys who are just going to walk away, though. It would be different if there had been no connection between Jeremy and I, but there was! We had a great time on our date, and I was shocked when I realized he had left.

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Elimination for me is always the hardest. I think the main reason I eliminated Kyle and Dash this evening really came down to our differing lifestyles. Dash lives an amazing city life, and I just don’t think I could keep up with him. With Kyle, he’s very wrapped up in school and his future career right now, and I felt that we’d probably be better off as friends. Both Dash and Kyle have great personalities, and I know they will be very successful in life.

Xoxo Kelsey

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