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VIDEOS: Our “We can’t believe Paul Walker is gone” tribute

Some of us have loved Paul Walker since his days on The Young and the Restless, others have loved him for his Fast and Furious work. Regardless of how long we’ve loved Paul Walker, the point is, we all loved him. Join us in a stroll down memory lane…

Paul Walker

Going back, way back

Darling Paul Walker started modeling as a toddler for Pampers. In 1988, a 14-year-old Walker appeared on the game show I’m Telling with sister Ashlie. Here, we see that even at a young age, Walker was a good brother. The host gives him an opportunity to throw his sister under the bus when the host asks him to finish the sentence, “My sister eats like a…” Walker could have said pig or hog, but after giving it some careful consideration, he answers, “Like a human being.” Walker also has two brothers, Cody and Caleb, and another sister Amie, who have yet to speak publicly about their brother’s passing.

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The Young and the Restless

For some of us, our first memory of Walker is when he appeared on The Young and the Restless as Brandon Collins and we sat up and said, “Um, who’s that?” Eric Braeden who plays Victor Newman on the show remembers working with Walker and told CBS Los Angeles, “[Paul Walker was] one of the most decent men I’ve ever worked with. He was easygoing, a nice man. Just the nicest man. A kind man. You find very few actors with his basic honesty or sincerity.” This sentiment is being echoed by everyone who worked with Walker. All we can say is when we were young, Walker made us very restless.

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“The machine is life”

Those of us who followed (“stalked” is such an ugly word) Walker know that his love of fast cars didn’t end when the Fast and Furious cameras stopped rolling. It was in his blood — so much so he became a semi-professional race car driver. In this video, he equates race cars with life, saying “The machine is life, just endlessly cranking” and that life is about family and friends.

Cultural phenomenon

Walker is being remembered by his colleagues as “laid-back” and “down to earth.” Here, we get a peek into his “awww, shucks” attitude when he talks about being told that the Fast and Furious franchise was a “cultural phenomenon” and his reaction was, “I didn’t know what that meant.” Watch this video to see why he loved being called “Brian.”

Died doing what he loves

It’s hard to accept the death of someone like Walker, who we always hoped and assumed would be around for years to come. While we’d like to imagine he’s on the same private island that we’ve convinced ourselves Princess Diana, JFK Jr., Heath Ledger and Chris Farley disappeared to, it does soften the blow a bit to know he died doing what he loves. Here, he talks about how he’s a “mood driver” and that cars are (we’re not ready to say “were”) his vice.

Saying goodbye

And for those of us who loved Walker partly or mostly because he was such a sexy beast, we bring you 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa’s “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” video. Our beloved Paul wasn’t here for long, but for the short time he was here he absolutely owned it. As Dwayne Johnson says at the end of the video, Paul’s graduated to a whole new level. Sniff.

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