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Justin Bieber fans drive Lauren Pope away

Justin Bieber adores his fans and loves to make “Beliebers” happy. However, some of his hard-core fans aren’t as generous and want to scare away any potential friendships and love interests the pop star has…

Justin Bieber fans hate destroy a friendship

There will be no romance in the cards for Justin Bieber if his fans have anything to say about it, and most certainly not with British reality star Lauren Pope.

The “Believe” hitmaker’s fans are known for their love and dedication to Biebs and refer to themselves as “Beliebers,” and some of these hard-core fans had some very harsh words for Pope.

It was believed the former glamour model and Biebs were getting pretty close and that their friendship could even have become a potential romance after they were spotted together at Bieber’s house party.

However, the hate that followed was enough to drive any woman away…

Pope’s Twitter feed was bombarded with nasty comments and death threats and a source revealed to The Sun newspaper, “She was getting dozens of vile, abusive messages from his fans, warning her to stay away, accusing her of being a fame-hungry cougar and telling her to ‘watch her back.'”

“She was even accused of lying about their friendship. It’s been really upsetting so she messaged him to say she couldn’t continue their friendship. She’s gutted but the attention was all too much.”

Pope reportedly had no idea what it was about her that made Beliebers so angry. According to the source, she was “really shocked by the level of abuse targeted at her.”

”She was totally unprepared and when news broke of their partying together, she was simply excited about seeing Justin again and staying in touch with him.”

Things may have been heating up, but we guess Bieber will have to wait and see if he has better luck with the next girl now

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