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Music review: Jessie J “Thunder

Jessie J’s new song is not about who you think it’s about. And it’s definitely much more profound than you’re accustomed to.

Jessie J

Can I just say what everyone’s thinking?

Jessie J’s shaving her head was the best thing she’s ever done for her career.

Remember her long hair here >>

Even though she did it for admirable reasons, the results beyond that are heartwarming for fans.

She’s empowered beyond her own limits, captivating audiences with a more evolved and realistic depiction of who she is as an artist.

Notice her significant progression in this music video >>

She doesn’t blend in easily with the sea of stars, but she was on my list to disregard in a few months. But this darker nightingale is doing it, and doing it well for me.

Her latest single, “Thunder,” boasts chords from ’80s and ’90s tracks but has a spiritual message that extends past its nostalgic demeanor. Yes, you heard correct.

You may have been thinking on the first listen that some guy has made her feel his thunderous presence, but the relatable message just may want you to assume that. Hopefully, with some spark of curiosity, you will find yourself here trying to find out what this song is really about. Jessie J sounds different, but why?

Jessie J has found God.

She has not touched alcohol in a year and has said that “Thunder” is a form of dedication to God. Now that you have been informed, what’s your take on the song?

What’s more peculiar (yet enticing) is the fact that this musician — who is famous for her relentless, powerful delivery — starts off with a tease. Her vocal cords flutter over stretches of lyrics that are more on the spoken-word extreme. She delivers, but it’s a back-and-forth that is reminiscent of pacing or deliberation.

Could this have some deeper, more biblical meaning? Infer from it what you may, as the songstress has yet to go into that much detail.

What do you think, readers? Jessie J’s outcry is one of passion, and her strategic bursts could be in parallel with the meaning of her song, or perhaps this is a new direction for her? Do you like that she’s confident and proud of her beliefs and openly presenting them to the musical world? Could you see her as a crossover artist?

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