VIDEO: Ian Somerhalder sizzles posing with his adorable cat

Nov 27, 2013 at 3:32 p.m. ET

Ian Somerhalder spoke about posing for People's Sexiest Man Alive shoot with his lovely cat and said he's surprised he made the cut.

Ian Somerhalder

In a behind-the-scenes video from the Sexiest Man Alive shoot, Ian Somerhalder talks posing with his cat and being flattered to have earned a place on the coveted list.

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The hot Vampire Diaries star welcomed People magazine's photo shoot crew to his home to be photographed with his beautiful round cat. In the clip, the actor admits he didn't think he was worthy to be one of one of People's sexiest men alive, but loved the idea of posing with kitty.

"What I thought was, A: I should not be in this category, uh, the editors... you guys must have been drinking," Somerhalder said, ever so humble. "But when I heard that I get to hang out with my kid, with my Moke, that was the kicker right there."

Declaring his love for animals, Ian continued, "Being able to hang with my animals [is amazing,] and letting the rest of the world see this incredible creature that I happen to live with, that I wake up every morning with him in my face!" The 34-year-old former model added that his cat is like a drug to him.

"He's what I refer to... he's my Valium," Somerhalder joked. "The cat is Valium, he sedates me."

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While Somerhalder may be a cat guy, he admitted to having six dogs living with him in his tiny apartment. "I think we're over the limit on how many animals you can have per square foot... I have 2000 square feet and I have eight animals!" Somerhalder said, laughing.

Animal overload or not, Somerhalder looked fantastic as he posed with his super-cute cat and looked awesomely hot, no matter how many pets he has trampling around!

The-down-to-earth Louisiana native certainly deserves being named one of the sexiest men alive, but it has to be recognized that his humbleness is what really makes him smolder. There's a reason his nickname is Smolderhalder.

Check out Ian Somerhalder as he talks about his Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot below:

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