Is Parenthood's Amber seeking answers from her father?

Nov 27, 2013 at 12:55 p.m. ET

Another familiar face, and one of Sarah's exes, will be returning to Parenthood for a short stint. We try to guess why.

John Corbett Returns to Parenthood

John Corbett is returning to Parenthood as Seth in Season 5, Episode 13. Amber will find herself at the restaurant where he works and get into an argument with one of the other guests, shared exclusively.

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Does Seth's estranged daughter, Amber (Mae Whitman), go to the restaurant with the intention of speaking with her father or is the meeting completely unplanned? We can only guess.

In the last episode, Amber and her fiancé, Ryan (Matt Lauria), found themselves in rough waters after Amber didn't make it home on time and Ryan took it a bit personally.

Amber is at a time in her life when she really loves her job and Ryan is more focused on the relationship. That's causing a terrible clash. Her after-work activities with the band recording at The Luncheonette, Ashes of Rome, lead to a terrible misunderstanding on the part of Ryan and his reaction was one of horrible violence.

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When we last saw Amber, she was crying into the arms of her grandfather, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) as he picked her up in the waiting room of a police station. She obviously didn't feel comfortable calling her mother, Sarah (Lauren Graham), because of the concerns she has already shown about Amber's engagement to Ryan. On the other hand, Zeek's experience with the military gives him a unique perspective on Ryan.

Seth's perspective as a musician and absentee father might be valuable to Amber because of what it could bring her with regard to the job she loves so much — including the possibility of a budding vocal career — and advice on Ryan's similarity (or lack thereof) to Seth.

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As difficult as it might be to talk about it with his daughter, Seth would only want the best for Amber. If he believes she's falling for a guy because he seems like him, he'll tell her. He'll also be man enough to let her know the differences.

Now we'll just have to wait a few episodes to find out exactly what the father/daughter meeting might uncover.

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