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Family Guy killed off Brian! Is he gone for good?

Fox’s Family Guy killed off a member of the Griffin family this week. But is their beloved dog, Brian, really gone forever?

Family Guy Brian

In a twist to put all other cartoon twists to shame, Fox’s Family Guy made the bold move this week to kill off the Griffins’ beloved family dog, Brian. Why? And, more importantly, is he on his way back? One website seems to suggest so.

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According to Family Guy‘s EP, Steve Callaghan, the death has been set in stone for quite a while. He told E! that the idea of a death sprung up during a brainstorming session as a way to shake up the show a bit. Killing off one of the kids seemed far too tragic, so ending Brian (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) was a touching but not life-altering event.

Brian’s death certainly changed things. Brian’s smart mouth and alcoholic ways were a well-loved staple of the show. By the end of the episode, though, the Griffins had replaced him with a new, scruffier dog named Vinny (voiced by The Soprano‘s star Tony Sirico). There’s a new family dynamic with Vinny on board.

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The Griffins have a new dog, but is Brian really gone for good?

A new website popped up recently that is aiming to make fans believe otherwise. features the image of a car driving into the fictional Family Guy city of Quahog. The text, “A special announcement from Brian…” is emblazoned above a countdown clock that is set to reach 00:00:00:00 on Friday, Dec. 6 at noon/11c. Under the clock reads, “A Fox production.” However, a “source” told that the network is not involved in the site. Interesting.

Will Brian return? And in what way? As a ghost or maybe in a special Brian-centered spin-off? As one of the highlights of the Griffin family, Brian could certainly hold his own TV show. But could this all just be a hoax to falsely raise hopes? Of course. While we’d love a spin-off — or just the return of Brian — we’re leery to accept this countdown as anything legitimate. It looks like we’ll just have to wait until Dec. 6 to find out!

UPDATE: As one of our awesome readers pointed out, the countdown has been updated and pushed forward. If Brian really does have an announcement, it comes tomorrow at noon. We’ll keep you posted.

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