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INTERVIEW: Does James Franco love or loathe playing a villain?

Written by Sylvester Stallone, this action-thriller boasts one wild performance from James Franco, who plays the bad-guy-bro to meth-head Kate Bosworth. Watch our video to find out what they told us about this new film, also starring Jason Statham.

We asked tough-guy Jason Statham what he liked most about filming Homefront. He said, “We had a good time learning to ride the horses, galloping though the fields, that’s all great fun.”

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But what really got him excited? “I think working with good actors is something that sticks in my mind. You remember the scenes, you remember working it out with James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth, it was just great,” he said.

We asked the normally lovely and fashionable Kate Bosworth what it was like transforming herself into a meth addict. She told us, “It was an essential transformation to the character. I just wanted to know who she was.”

But how grungy did she actually get? “We didn’t want to go too far with the look, because we wanted to be able to have her redemption be the end. We wanted her to be in a place where she could come back, but far enough where she was on the edge of real danger. She’s rough, she abuses herself on a daily basis with a very dangerous substance. She doesn’t bathe very often, she wears the same thing.”

We asked the Spring Breakers star, James Franco, about the perks of playing a hoodlum. He said, “It’s fun to play a villain because he gets to do things that are bad or wicked, but it’s a movie so you don’t get punished for it. This was a fun character to work on because I liked everyone I worked with.”

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Franco continued, “It’s sort of an action-thriller but there were some great actors, and Gary Fleder did a really good job of giving time and space to the actors to really develop the scenes to make sure that the drama of the movie was just as solid as the action portion of it.”

Watch our video to find out what essential part of James Franco’s schedule the filmmakers were surprisingly willing to accommodate.

Homefront opens Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Photo credit: Open Road Films

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