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5 Reasons other than weight to talk about Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert bit back via her blog and Facebook page today against claims she’d lost weight unhealthily. We’re sick of this ballsy babe being reduced to a number on the scale, so here are a few more worthy reasons to chat about Lambert.


She’s healthy

Miranda Lambert

Notice we didn’t say skinny. Or fat. We said healthy — which is the way Lambert vows she slimmed down recently, as opposed to weight loss surgery as some headlines claimed. And, for the record, we contend that Lambert has always been healthy. C’mon… you just can’t rock out on stage the way she always has unless you’re in pretty good cardiovascular shape. And the fact that her confidence always shines through and she encourages women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their figures — well, that proves she’s got a healthy attitude too.


She’s compassionate

Follow Lambert on Facebook or Twitter, and it won’t take long to get a sense that this country crooner has a serious soft spot, particularly when it comes to animals. She’s always rescuing strays — in more ways than one. When traveling rural roads, she never hesitates to stop for a furry four-legger in need. Similarly, she doesn’t think twice about pulling out her purse and ponying up money to donate to shelters and rescue groups. And we’re betting she gave Blake Shelton hell over “turtle-gate.”


She’s true to herself

Miranda Lambert GIF

Lambert isn’t one of those women who constantly feels the need to reinvent herself. As a matter of fact, she has such a strong sense of self that she was willing to walk away from the possibility of fame for it. She gave up her first record deal when she felt the label that signed her was pushing her to be too “pop.” She went back home to Texas, regrouped by learning how to play the guitar, started writing her own songs and came back with a vengeance.


She’s got gumption
It’s not often Lambert’s song lyrics revolve around subjects like pining away over ex-boyfriends. Instead, she pens songs about female empowerment — country girl rock anthems full of sass. In “Gunpowder & Lead,” her heroine loads her shotgun and sets out to show an abusive ex “what little girls are made of.” The joke’s on the cheating boyfriend in “White Liar,” because “here’s a bombshell just for you/turns out I’ve been lying too.” “Fastest Girl in Town,” “Kerosene,” “More Like Her”… take your pick — they’re all songs that make women feel bold and bada**. Lambert, likewise, isn’t afraid to speak her mind.


She’s one of the best in the business

Miranda Lambert accepting award

Really, shouldn’t this always be what conversations about Lambert are centered around? In addition to her amazing roster of hit songs (refer to #4), Lambert puts on the kind of show that makes you think, “Yep, worth every penny.” And we’d be remiss not to mention the slew of major country music awards this chick has bagged — including a whole mess of ’em in the Female Vocalist of the Year category. Plus, you know what is insanely endearing? The way she compliments someone else every time she wins an award.

Top image courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN, 2nd image courtesy of @MirandaLambert/Twitter

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