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20 Sizzling GIFs of Ian Somerhalder


He’s also a tease

take your shirt off

Is that even a question? Of course we want you too! Don’t be silly!


Because he’s super sensitive

Ian Somerhalder holding Nina

He has a gentle and sensitive soul. Why is he so perfect?


There’s this

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Kissing

And our hearts are being shattered while we say to ourselves, “I wish this was me.”


He is also a cat man

Ian Somerhalder loves cats

That is one lucky lady cat.


Smoking makes him look dangerous

Ian Somerhalder smoking

He clearly doesn’t care about the health issues when it comes to smoking.


He’s pretty easy on the eyes

His eyes

He’s got that tall, dark and handsome thing going on with a bonus of amazing eyes.
Seriously, how are you so perfect?


Oh that wink

Ian Somerhalder winking

He’s basically saying, “I want you” as he points the bear at us. Damn… he’s good.


He loves food

Ian Somerhalder eating pizzza

Oh, that looks delicious, feel free to share — you know us girls love pizza.


Ah, ah, ah

Ah, Ah, Ian

It’s like he’s telling us we are not allowed to touch him, but we would never… or would he? Ugh.


Did we mention he has moves?

Ian Somerhalder and hips

Oh, we did? Well his moves are sexy enough to get a second mention.
He’s so good, he’ll probably even take you dancing!

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