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20 Sizzling GIFs of Ian Somerhalder

Mr. Somerhalder is back on the market and, frankly, we are excited that he is back. So get ready to drool over these GIFs that ooze with sex appeal and cuteness. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

20 Sizzling GIFs of Ian Somerhalder



He loves puppies

Ian Somerhalder kissing a puppy

First off, look how adorable he kisses the puppy. Damn him for being such a lovable man.


All he’s trying to do is give you a kiss

Ian Somerhalder blowing kisses

Let’s face it, when a beautiful man like Somerhalder is trying to give you
a kiss, you might as well just let it happen. How can anyone say no to him? I sure can’t.


Because he looks really good shirtless

Ian Somerhalder naked

Uh… you’re welcome.


Because he looks like a fun drinking buddy

Ian Somerhalder drinking

Drinking and dancing with Somerhalder seems like a pretty good night, don’t you think ladies?


He knows we’re obsessed

were obsessed with Ian

Is it love or is it obsession? Maybe a little of both.


He’s also pretty scary, well tries to be

Ian Somerhalder's ugly face

He’s too cute even when he tries to be scary.


Because he likes his bath time

Ian Somerhalder in a tub

Just let me reminisce how great everyone thinks I am.


He has moves like Magic Mike

Ian Somerhalder dancing

First off, look at those abs. Second, just look at those abs. We want to touch.


He’s a very playful guy

Ian Somerhalder sticking out his tongue

I’m just going to show you my tongue now.


His smirk goes a long away

Ian Somerhalder smirking

With that smirk, all the ladies come a-running.

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