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Get Katniss’ funky chunky scarf from Catching Fire

Los Angeles-based designer Maria Dora created this handwoven scarf specifically for Catching Fire. Although replicas of this scarf aren’t currently on the market, you can mimic her style with these fantastic finds.


The giant walnut

Cowl scarf

Wrap yourself in a thick, handmade scarf knitted to perfection. Wear it to suit your style and prepare to be warm and stylish all winter long. (Etsy, $87)


Knitted snood

Cowl scarf

This giant snood (scarf/hoodie mash-up) will make you feel like you are surrounded by a big wool blanket while you brave the elements this winter. (Etsy, $99)


Chunky knit scarf

Chunky knit scarf

This extra-large chunky scarf is the perfect accessory to add a little extra oomph to your ensemble and keep you nice and warm all day or night just like Katniss’ special scarf. (Etsy, $58)


Hand-knit infinity scarf

Hand-knit infinity scarf

Similar to Katniss’ tailor-made scarf, this oversized infinity is perfect to keep you protected from even the harshest elements. (Etsy, $68)


Zipper scarf

Zipper scarf

The zipper detail on the scarf will make you stand out even more than when Katniss volunteered as tribute. (Ebay, $18)


Turtleneck Cape

This super soft cropped turtleneck cape is the perfect casual accessory to any outfit. (Overstock, $35)


Crocheted Poncho Turtleneck

Keep things cute and comfy with a crochet poncho-cape that is guaranteed to compliment a variety of Katniss-inspired looks. (So-styles, $22)


Merino Fluted Cowl

Tap in to your DIY side and make a chic yet versatile Merino Fluted Cowl Katniss would be proud of.


Crochet top

Make a comfy cape that will add some pizzazz and go out feeling as confident as Katniss.


Burton Bear Cowl

Create a cute kids cowl to keep the little ones in your life warm and cozy when temperatures drop.

By Ceirra Smith and Emily Nicholson

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