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VIDEO: The Fosters stars reveal what’s next for Season 2

Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez tell us what’s ahead on Season 2 of The Fosters, live from the red carpet at the American Music Awards.

The red carpet was packed with stars at the 2013 American Music Awards, including the lovely Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez from ABC Family’s The Fosters.

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SheKnows had the chance to chat with Mitchell and Ramirez before they headed inside to watch the show and the two were very excited to be there. Mitchell looked very different from her character on The Fosters, dressed up in an elegant gown. Her onscreen alter-ego, Callie, is more the jeans type, but Mitchell said she had to “step up” because “it’s the American Music Awards.”

When asked who they were most excited to see at the event, both ladies agreed on One Direction, while Mitchell said she was also excited to see Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.

Between One Direction and Justin Timberlake, plus many more artists at the awards, there were a lot of choices for best celebrity crush. But neither Mitchell or Ramirez were willing to reveal who their crushes might be. “I can’t because they’re here,” Mitchell protested.

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The American Music Awards isn’t the only show that the ladies wanted to check out. When asked what other show they’d love to be in the audience for, Mitchell and Ramirez each had their own pick.

“Maybe the Grammys, I think that would be fun,” Ramirez said.

“I would love to go to the Oscars, that would be amazing,” Mitchell added.

On the Season 1 finale of The Fosters, Callie’s life was sent into a spin when her little brother caught her kissing their new foster brother. She made the huge decision to run away just after the moms’ wedding. Mitchell said that there will be a lot happening for all of the characters when the show returns for its second season.

“In the season finale, my character ran away and the moms just got married so there’s a lot going on,” Mitchell said. She added that there will also be a “bit of a shift in the family dynamic” now that the moms are married.

What about Callie? She’ll be facing some challenges of her own. “Callie’s on her own little adventure,” Mitchell revealed, adding that “all of the characters are forced to look further into their past.”

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Callie’s new adventure means that she will be meeting some new people, including a character played by Rosie O’Donnell. Mitchell said that working with O’Donnell is “super-cool,” adding that the talk show host “has been just so great to work with, she’s so cool and has just brought so much to the show.”

The second season of The Fosters premieres on Monday, Jan. 13, 2014, on ABC Family.

Check out the entire interview with Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez above.

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