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10 Moments Seth Rogen was Kim Kardashian in “Bound 3

Seth Rogen and Kim Kardashian are clearly the same person in “Bound 3.” Watch how Rogen transforms into Kardashian in 10 expert moves.

Have you seen the ridiculous video that Kanye West did for “Bound 2”? It features West’s fiancée Kim Kardashian and while West extolls the artistic value of video — he told Ellen DeGeneres it was designed to look surreal — Seth Rogen and James Franco clearly feel differently.

Rogen and James just put out a hilarious “Bound 2” parody called “Bound 3” in which the duo perfectly execute mocking West and Kardashian. Spoiler alert: Rogen plays Kardashian (obviously) and it’s phenomenal. Really, absolutely life changing.

You guys: Kardashian and Rogen are the same person. Oh, you’re not convinced? Check out these 10 stills of Rogen as Kardashian and then tell me I’m hallucinating.


Silky smooth silhouette

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 2" parody still 1

Um, Rogen is no doubt already Kardashian. Notice the perfect arch of the leg, the graceful positioning of Rogen on the motorcycle, and hello — the sultry silhouette of Rogen is a spot-on match for Kardashian.


Gorgeous almond-shaped eyes

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 2" parody still 2

Perhaps one of my favorite, Rogen steals the “Bound 2” parody with his almond-shaped eyes that seduce me. Meadow in the background is a bonus. Fantasy.


Hold me

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 2" parody still 3

Are you lost in this moment forever? I am. Let me hold you, Rogen.


Shhh… we are together now

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 2" parody still 4

Rogen is everything in this picture. His hands look delicate and soft as they caress Franco while the sun sets behind them. Please remind me why this is happening without me.


Bam — Rogen is now Kardashian

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 5

At this moment I don’t know who this is: Kardashian or Rogen? Phenomenal.


The gates of heaven open as Rogen descends

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 6

The cosmos truly glitters as Rogen falls deeper into his own trap of seduction, just like Kardashian.


You better werk!

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 7

Look, at this point in “Bound 3” we should all recognize that Rogen is fully transformed into Kardashian. Rogen just adds some icing to the cake with this beautiful move that we can all learn from.


Rogen is smizing!

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 8

What more do you want from Rogen? Is this not enough for you? Look at his eyes.


A warm embrace for a winter’s night

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 9

When it’s cold outside, who can you count on to be by your side? Rogen.


And Rogen said: It is finished

Rogen as Kardashian "Bound 3” still 10

Rogen defies the odds with yet another blissful glimpse into Kardashian. Our hearts and minds are open and we are now believers.

Photo courtesy of Seth Rogen and James Franco/”Bound 3″

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